I Never Knew I Had a Choice [Chapter 13]

Last night dream with Mikhael was quite joyful… quite literally.

We were in the beach, laughing and sharing prayers… and then he smiled in the way he smiles when I know he is going to say something deep…

—This is how you are meant to give witness of the Gospel, Princess of Heaven… You, living Church, are called to give a witness of joy in the middle of the darkness, you are called to be a witness of joy: I have meet Him, I share with Him everyday, and I can’t avoid to share the joy of growing together in communion… and joy begins with the Gospel, living the gospel, starting your day with the daily Gospel and then sharing it through the day…

I smiled at him: that is a direct order?

He smiled widely: yes. Just for today. I know you like to wait to the end of the day… noy today. Today, start in the morning. And make the purpose of deliberately sharing something about today’s gospel to your students… but don’t do it in the way of saying: do you know that the Gospel says that… no, share it by living, share it with joy, share it with wonder, with living testimony of how your life is called to be a testimony of joy, a testimony of a shared life in His Love…

Do it as you start to work. And meditate actively how you are going to incarnate that Gospel as you teach your students, sharing the Good News as the apostles did it in the first times, following the style of the new Christians who had literal domestic Churches to incarnate the Eucharist and the Church was a beating Church: it was where they were, there were no buildings yet… be like a first Christian, even in martyrdom. There was no bigger joy to the first Christians than to give their lives for Christ…

Give your life for Chirst, my beloved, but in a charity martyrdom, choosing to share His open Heart as you choose to give everything to help to be, to do, to grow, to glow and to bloom according to His heart… literally building a beating Church (una Iglesia palpitante), literally sharing… and incarnated Gospel with a testimony of joy and wonder, letting His mercy seen with works of mercy, with works of Love, with works of light, radiating more and more His new albor as He calls you to do it, creating home in a way that is creating Church, creating more and more communion as you share His new life with more and more joyful testimony of faith, hope and charity…

So —Mikhael asked— lets say you are going to share the Gospel today incarnated with the same joy than Jesus when He made the multiplication of bread and fishes.

What you would multiply to share the Gospel?

I am not good at maths. 😁


I would multiply Love…

But how do your students understand Love? What would you multiply for them?

Well… besides multiplying fun in the classes (I can play bingo with them today)…

What else can you multiply that would be equal to bread and fishes to them, something edible?

I knew what He meant… and an idea came to my mind.

I can multiply popcorn, they love it, they don’t stop eating it, they eat, and eat, and eat popcorn…

Mikhael smiled widely…

That is how you share the Gospel, incarnating it with joy… and living charity, living Love as incarnated works of Love and mercy. Yes, popcorn, tons of popcorn, is a good “bread and fishes” to share with your students, add it to the Amazon wishlist.

I already added popcorn.

Add more, princess of Heaven, add more… that is a good example of living charity in a way that you multiply bread and fishes today: you satisfy their hunger of learning (they learn English with the movies they see with the popcorn), and you satisfy their hunger of the living Word and God’s Love as you teach the Gospel incarnated…

So be it. Let there be… popcorn.

Of all flavors possible. Like the Gospel: flavored for all good hearts, flavored for all good palates. 😁

Mikhael smiled again:

You are called to be a charity influencer, like the first Chirstians, changing the world and changing the vision of those you radiate with God’s Love light as you live more and more charity, as you incarnate more and more God’s Love here and now, showing to your brothers and sisters His love made visible with concrete works that inspire a society where everyone can grow as an equal brother and sister, all worthy of be loved and of knowing Love, all worthy of be known as God loves them, to be known as Jesus himself is known by the Father in the Spirit, to be known as the Father is known by the Son in the Spirit… incarnating the communion if the Trinity as a family that is called to create home, Church and humanity as creating Heaven, as creating Eucharist…

The dream finished with the mandatum novum and a hug of light, like a living phascal light (it was like yellow), full of the flammming Holy Spirit fire…

This is the meditation of today’s Gospel that Mikhael asked me to do in the morning, beginning the day. I haven’t read the Golpel but the meditation if the Gospel, we must have a faith that is congruent, in words and work, leaving al infidelity behind, especially the infidelity caused by pragmatic perpectives, giving the witness you are expected to give: a joyful witness, a witness of light, always being congruent between what we say and what we do, deepeing the love of God in us, transmiting it to others… making the Gospel action searching for ocassions in which we can give testimony in the simple things of the day: bless my students in silence, give thanks to a coworker, pray in silence, offering everything to Him with joy, working the best we can with joy, working in a way that these students can see your Love in our joy, even if we don’t say the word God, living the Gospel incarnated…

[Mikhael smiles… well done….]

This is the text I used for that meditation, it is from the Archidiocese of San Juan.

Its 1:15 pm. My PreK/K students are deeply asleep. I am walking among them. As you may notice, they love unicorns. The three of them have unicorns.

I bought a unicorn hat only to give class to this group. For me that is charity influencing, because with my gesture I am showing them how much God loves them.

[I had been told that tomorrow I will have the visit of a coach, en educational coach of elementary school, in my classroom. I just hope that the coach knows how to appreciate creativity and “charity influencing” in a classroom]. 🙂

The topic of chapter 13 is meaning. So, what is for me meaning? Well, this, what I am doing in the classroom right no, literally walking among students, walking like He walked, living the Gospel as incarnated Word, being an evangelizer, a charity influencer first of all in the ordinary life, inspiring God’s dreams to my students, inspiring them to be better, inspiring them to become the best person they can be and giving them growth choices so they can become the best person they can be. I am right now walking among dreaming students, praying for those dreams, that they are brilliant and holy dreams that become true, so they can learn to be known for how much they love, as Jesus is known by the Father in the Spirit…

A meaningul life for me is a life with a purpose that doesn’t serve only you, but that serves God, your family and also your comunity. It is a life in which there is unity ot being and act, of word and works, of heart and hands, a unity that can only be achieved living a livefull life in the Spirit. A meaningful life is a fulfilling life, full of wonder and awe upon the works of God Love in us.

That being said, now I share the pages of chapter 13 that I marked/commented

A final comment about chapter 13 now that I have read it.

As an innate thinker (I love to think and to reflect, and this since very child, I literally robbed books to think since about first grade, the library was not supossed to be open for us) I passionately love the topics of this chapter, I am grateful that they had been presented in an non-ideological way. I do believe in the equality of genders (you may have seen I put a 5 in the premise that said a child should be raised by the mother during the first year: this is biologically accurate, a baby is better with the mother, but it should not be seen as a defience to equality between genders, there is complementariety in genders too) although I don’t believe in feminism due being extremely ideological. May be I should say it in other way: I believe in Edith Stein’s feminist style.

Reading about the Holocaust survivors was really helpful. I do agree. Hatred is not healthy, helpful… its like a post-homous victory to evil. We are called to love and forgiveness, not hatred.

Dalai Lama’s characteristics of religions where quite helpful too. There is some universality in all religions, you can see that there. I do agree with the premise that religions have in common a call to action. In the Catholic Church, it is both a call to personal conversion, a call to evangelize and a call to serve others. We can’t leave society as it is if we can help it to become more fraternizing, compoassive and luminous.

I would deeply love make the philosophy of life essay. I will do it during Holy Week (I don’t have work during Holy Week) and share it during the Liturgy of Light. It will be an awesome and deeply personal project to complete. I have done a philosophy of teaching and have attempted to do a philosophy of education, but I had never thought about doing a philosophy of life. That can be a whole college coure to take, you know, it is an amazing way to apply philosophy to daily life. 🙂 That was one of my problems with philosophy, it was too abstract, it needs to help you think better. A philosophy of life would help you to think better about how you life now and also how you are called to live, if changes are needed to become the person you are called/want to be. 🙂

These are topics very dear to my prayer, mind and heart, of course.

Expect the essay during the liturgy of light of this Easter. 😁

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