I Never Knew I Had a Choice [Chapter 4]

In last night dream Mikhael explained me that my well being was united to my fidelity to God’s new albor, to God’s living alliance. I will keep growing as long as I choose to be a light, as long as I keep choosing to remain loyal to His mandatum novum. That is well being: to keep growing until becoming the best person you can be, the saint, fulfilled and joyful people we are called to be.

So, lets begin with chapter 4.

“Do you take care of the physical you?” I am not allowed to take care of the physical me. Really, I am not. I only can bathe once per week. Here you can see a note that my progenitors left today, telling me that in a Saturday they want me to take a pill at 6:30 am, which I said no, because I need to pray before meds, but the fact is that I can’t sleep longer due needing to wake up early to not cross with them in the kitchen… and that also happens on Sunday. What my body needs is of no interest here: I am a slave, forced to take pills daily, simply for their pleasure of “enjoying power” through abuse, abuse that had been allowed by the authorities during years.

Here is what I answered, without knowing that this chapter would talk about the importance of sleeping

This is the most recent example of how being here makes me literally impossible to take care of my body. My body is obese, with fungus, with drooling, sometimes with nausea, dizzy, with vertigo, gassed with toxic gasses constantly… this will be a hard chapter to shallow, because if you reduce wellness to physical care… well, I am not allowed to have physical care. They even play with my soaps.

“Wellness: learning to accept responsability for our health” Are you kidding in this one? No, I don’t have ANY responsability for my health. And I mean it. I don’t even have air to breathe, water to drink , kitchen to eat, a bathroom to get a bath daily… that without mentioning the social exploitation in the doctors where I go. I stopped goig to medical appointments that are not forced. Its worthless. I have no control over my health nor over my body. I am constanly needing to pee and poo, besides having drooling, due the toxic gases in this house of torture.

“Rest and sleep, excercise, diet and nutrition, and spirituality are all aspects of well being”. Thank you for including spirituality. All the mental health services I have received deny spirituality as essential wellness aspect.

“Wellness is an active process consisting of concious choices we make in fashioning a healthy lifestyle”. So, if you don’t have the luxury of healthy choices, you don’t have wellness, right? If I am not given the space and the personal dignity to make the right choices, I am restraint of having wellness, it is denied to me? Just asking.

“Wellness is a lifestyle choice rather than one-time decision”. Agree. The same happens with “dietsl: they don’t work if they are not a lifestyle change.

“Wellness entails a lifelong process of taking care of our needs on all levels of functioning”. People, understand this: I am not ALLOWED to take care of my needs. I can’t have needs, or if I do have them, they mayor not be grantedto be fulfilled. But I can’t rake care of them by myself, and this applies in many levels of my life. I am not allowed to need clothes, they will steal and mutilate them. I am not allowed to have a bathroom according to my needs and style. I am not allowed to have a room with non-toxic air to breathe. I am not allowed needing a doctor to treat things they cause on purpose to cause dissability and suffering. I am not allowed to need money for the dogs’s simparica trio (they literally don’t mind the bed being filled with tics), they won’t pay it, but they will pay the operation for the cancerous mass they caused on the dog with toxic gassing… And I could keep mentioning ten thousand examples of needs I am not even ALLOWED to take care.

“Many of us know what to do, yet we do not accept the personal responsability that is required to be well. Some of us deny our part in our level of wellness. We may think of getting sick a something that is always beyong our control”. Well, yes, people, in my case, getting sick is always beyond my control. Even my thyroid issue is related with toxic gassing. You don’t know how social slavery work. They DO control all the medical aspects of your life, from the air you breathe to the food you are allowed to buy with the money they give you. They have caused me tachycardia, diarrea, increase in peeing, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, chest pain, headache, unconciousness, sleepiness, hipoxia (low blood oxigenation), nose bleeding, runny nose, pale gums, dilated pupils, tics, hair thinning and falling, fungus, rash, obesity, changes in my blood sugar tests, changes in other labs tests like thyroid, changes in my menstrual periods, hot flashes, turning me literally voiceless, cough with stertor… and I can keep mentioning. The do want to get me sick and they do get me sick, sometimes with toxic gassing, sometimes with fungus, sometimes with bacteria, sometimes even faking a whole psychiatric diagnosis like they did with the schizophrenia to make me unable to care for myself and to defend me legally (I am not believed in courts due them putting me forced hospitalization judge orders). So… in my case, getting sick is literally out of my control. As a matter of fact, they are causing me drooling right now. 🙃 It is curious, because the medicine that truly best worked for me, Adderall, was banned due “causing episodes of schizophrenia”. So, this is not only a matter of not being able to avoid getting sick: I can’t get the medicines I do truly need neither.

“Physicians report that it is not uncommon for patients to be more interested in getting pills and in removing their symptoms than vhanging a stressful lifestyle” You know, my experience with mental health providers had been all the opposite. Psychiatrists dont care your lifestyle (or what my progenitors to control it) they force the pills, no questions asked about lifestyle or feelings. You are not a person. You don’t have feelings. You are simply injected medication by force, the same way a cow is injected antibiotics, no questions asked, no rights of any kind whatsoever.

“Sleep is a fundamental aspect of being healthy”. Well, my progenitors are constantly telling me “don’t be healthy” because they LOVE to deprive me sleeping. They LOVE it. Usually they do it by causing me to go pee during the night, but they have several ways to deprive me sleeping. They have forced me to vomit in the middle of the night, and I have needed to clean the vomit, what takes even more time than needing to go outside to simply breathe, stop vomiting and not asphixiate yourself with your own vomit. I have also woken up in the middle of the night with tachycardia (high heart rate, over 200). That without mention using the false sounds of cat to make the dogs bark, or the neighbours putting very loud music to wake you up. They have PLENTY of choices to deprive me from sleep, and they do love it, because it is what affects more my functioning.

“A sedentary lifestyle is a hazard to health, for it increases all causes of mortality”. i love walking, but I have barely space to walk. If I go outside the room to walk, I will find stuff left by the progenitors for social exploitation/narcissistic abuse. If I go outside the house to walk I will be exposed to the conversations or smoking odors of my neighbour. So, I don’t have chains, but technically, I am not free to even go and get a walk. I loved to jump the rope and to use weights… the progenitors also used that as social exploitation/narcissistic abuse.

“Your daily diet affects your long-term health more than any other factor within your control”. You definitely don’t know what is being without food. Lack of food is not something that affects you long-term: its short term. When you don’t have food to eat, you are in stomach pain and you can’t barely function. Hunger is painful.

“Diet is one of the lifestyle factors over which we have a large degree of control”. I can go to Costco or Finca Pastoreo and buy whatever fits the space of the fridge and freezer… knowing that at any moment they can cause an electrical failure and I will loose all my meats and cold foods. They have actually done it, and more than once. That besides the factor that they do play with my food and have cause fungus to my food. So… nope, I have no control over my diet.

“Spiritually healthy individuals identify their own basic purpose in life; learn how to experience love, joy, peace, and fulfillment; and help themselves and others achieve their full potential”. True. Absolutely true.

“From our perspective, having a guiding personal philosophy is the core of wellness. Fiding meaning and purpose in your life is a never-ending spiritual process”. Agree

“Yet pur body can be eloquent in its expression of who we are. Much of our life history is revealed through our bodies”. I do highly respect my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, I do truly believe I should care my body, but I am not allowed to take care of myself or my body. As a matter of fact, I am forced to endure torture and toxic gassing, and eat microwable food everyday.

“Dance is a popular way to teach people to “own” all parts of their bodies and to express themselves more harmoniously”. Even Jesus Charity agreed with that in its due moment. Dancing with someone is also a way to respect and be harmonious and “one” with his/her body.

“Touching is important for developing in healthy ways physically, psychologically, socially and intellectually”. Except for the ocasional hug of a student, my usual only physical touch are dogs. My progenitors had never been “touchers”: I didn’t received hugs as I grew up. I will forever miss heart to heart hugs with Jesus Charity. The deppth of those hugs is something I truly miss.

“Wellness means different things to different people. When you think of wellness, what aspects of your life do you most think of? Look at what you are doing to mantain a general state of wellness. How much of a priority do you place on wellness?” Well, you can see in the first paragraph of this text that wellness for me is mainly spiritual. I am not allowed any other kind of wellness, and that is because spiritual wellness is given by God in this case. My progenitors do have tried to destroy spiritual wellness, but that is one of the things they haven’t been able to destroy.

Because I have no choices granted (nor “willing to work” options) in my sleeping patterns, excercise patterns or eating patterns, I can’t answer more questions of the “Where Can I Go From Here?” section.

This is all for today. I can’t get out to brush my teeth because I am suposed to be sleeping and the progenitors are around. Yes, sometimes it happen. Let’s keep choosing to be a light! 🙃

I Never Knew I Had a Choice [Chapter 3]

In last night dream [in March 15] Mikhael explained me that the most important characteristic of a mature Christian is an “alliance vision” (una visión de alianza) that defines his or her whole life as an engagement of Love, as a “life delivered in unity”. The better you live your God-given alliance, the more mature you are. That is the way God wants to relate with His people, first in Egypt, when He freed His people from the slavery of Egypt and gave them His alliance in Mount Sinai… and also now, through Jesus who free us from sin and give us His alliance, His own living Body as living new albor, as living Sun that comes from the heights. We also have an alliance of Love with the Holy Spirit that make us grow in more and more communion as we incarnate more and more the mandatum novum: as we live charity more and more. That is also a sign of a mature kingdom of God: how we incarnate the Word of God, how we incarnate His mandatum novum, how we let His mandatum and His new albor beat in us and unite us and one people of God-Love, as one sacrament of Love…

Lets begin with Chapter 3

“Your passage through adulthood is cahracterized by the choices you make in response to the demands made on you; look for a pattern of choices in my life…” If you look for a pattern of choices in my life, the answer is clear: whatever gives light to Jesus Charity, that I do… whatever is more “fiat”, that I do… but I don’t really think the passage of my adulthood had been characterized by my own choices, I had been forced into an existence that is not mine to own nor give…

“Autonomy, or maturity, entails that you accept responsability for the consecuences of your choices rather than hold others accountable if you are not satisfied with the way your life is going”. Sorry, this doesn’t apply to me. Objectively talking, my progenitors had done as much as possible to don’t allow me to live my consecration to charity and to not fullfill my spousal alliance call (marriage). The crimes and tortures and crimes they have committed are horrendous, and you DO need a lot of maturity to objectively say: this is NOT your fault, but consecuences of THEIR choices. This is the problem of being technically a social slave, even in legal and medical senses: you are not accountable of what is done with you and of what happens with you. You know, I spent YEARS blaming myself of all this mess. Nope, no more. You need maturity to hold accountable who is really accountable. Sometimes it will be you, but in this case, very objectiverly, it is my progenitors who have commited the crimes and the tortures and the abuses. I am innocent.

“Maturity is not necessarily equal to independence and self-sufficiency”. True. I would add: it is not about age neither. You can be quite young and quite mature, or quite old and quite and ***hole. Sorry, quite a hellhole. 🙃

[Talking about maturity] “We must establish a solid sense of our unique self in the context of our connection to others”. What connections?! My progenitors have destroyed them all. I have no social connection. Yes, I do work, but they don’t know my true self, nobody does, I can’t tell the truth or I will be forced hospitalized or not believed due “being schizophrenic”.

“Optimum mental health involves creating relationships based on caring for others, or a sense of muthual empathy”. Well, I do that, but I am a slave of two individuals whose empathy is understood as a tool of social exploitation, so they really don’t possess empathy, they are sociopaths… and because I am a slave, I have no voice of my own.

“To what degree do you think you can live by your own standards and still be sensitive to the nees and wants of others?” I do live by my own values, but I can’t share those values with anyone, so… what others we are talking about?

“To what degree do you want to become more autonomous, even though this involves some risk?” It is not a choice for me. I am not allowed to be fully autonomous.

“Life scripting begins in infancy with subtle, nonverbal messages from our parents. During our earliest years, we learn much about worth as a person and our place in life. Later, life scripting pccurs in both subtle and direct ways” Without being concious of it, I was always VERY good getting the subtle part of the scripting. I always knew something was not right, but I though that what was not right was me.

Injuction: Don’t be. This lethal message is often guven nonverbally by the way parent hold (or not hold) the child. [People: my parents never hugged me]. Possible decisions: I’ll keep trying until I get you to love me [I tried too long].

Injuction: “Don’t be important” If you are constanly discounted when you speak, you are likely to believe you are uninportant [they did this when I was a child and still do it: los niños hablan cuando las gallinas mean]. I did exhibited my academic acomplishments while growing up.

Injuction: don’t be a child. Possible decisions: I’ll take care of othes and won’t ask much for myself. I never asked a lot for me first.

I won’t keep mentioning injuctions because they apply me all… but one of them is ESPECIALLY true as an adult

Injuction: “Dont be sane” and “Dont be well”: some children get attention only when they are physically sick or acting crazy. Possible decisions: I am crazy.

“What messages have I listened to and bought?” I am rare, I can’t socialize normally, creative people like Van Gogh have mental health problems (I was told this in front of my progenitors in RCM]

“How valid are the sources of these messages?” There is no validity.

“In what ways do I now continue to say self-defeating sentences to myself?” I don’t think I say anything outside the reality of slavery I am imposed. It is not self-sefeated: I am slaved, told constanly in every way possible, except verbal, that I am a dog (putting dogs stuff in my stuff and forcing to always be with dogs), that I have no personal identity of my own (i have no personal space, no intimacy, no choice in my medical legal terms, no voice to tell my own story and be believed, and that I should be dead (toxix gassing and torture, even when they know they are causing suicidal thoughts).

“To be at peace with yourself, you need to let go of festering resentements, to work through unresolved anger and to cease blamming others”. I am sorry, I do blame my progenitors: they are responsible og huge crimes and violations of human rights, but I do forgive them, I am quite at peace with that.

“Is this a time of generativity or of stagnation?” [It means middle adultohood] It is of social slavery. From 28 years old to right now, 37 years old, I had been social slave of my progenitors. As simple and plain as that. Authorities allowed it, and that is the most horrendous part of it.

Things I have done during this perios that make me feel best about me… The theilogy of light, Iesu Amor, the revolution of light…

“Do you feel productive?” No, I feel a social slave.

“Are there some things that you would definitely like to change in your life right now? What prevents you from making these changes?” I don’t want to be a social slave, but I can’t change that [as a matter of fact, the neighbours who collaborate with my progenitors put loud music as I wrote that.

“What questions have you raised about your life during this time?” Well, quite simple: do human rights really exist? I have great reasons to ask me so.

“What are some of the most important decisions you have made during this time of your life?” Be faithful to the alliance Jesus gave me.

“Imagine yourself beint old”. I can’t. Truly, I can’t. Not even today my life is guaranteed.

“Do you believe you are able to make new decisions? Do you think you are in control of your destiny?” I can’t take decisions, I am not granted that, I am a social slave, I am not granted even breathing pure air and bath daily. Nope, I am not in control of my destiny. I am drugged by force everyday. I am tortured everyday.

Until here chapter 3.

I was kind of… how to explain it. Should I have gone through these stages of adulthood? When it happened? I had been a slave such a long time I don’t remember what being an adult is. Really. I don’t eeven have my own clothes, my progenitors love to steal and mutilate my clothes. So many basic stuff for an adult are simply impossible for me.

That was just a general comment about reading this chapter.

Here are the scales/questions of this chapter:

PD: As I shared this, I was deprived of oxygen again by torture. I feel a light frontal headache, some light vertigo and nausea too. There are certain dificulties writting correctly too. Let’s keep choosing to be a light in the middle of the deep darkness around me. You know, usually people (pueblos) gain their “maturity” by armed revolutions. Puerto Rico will gain its maturity with a revolution of light, as we are going to learn from this the importance of seeing each other as a brother and a sister, not as a slave, not as an unequal citizen, like happens right now with our political relation with USA.

Of course, with this torture my progenitors are acting as slavers: you don’t have the right to breathe, the right to live. The same happens with USA: its telling Puerto Ricans “you don’t have the right to be us” after 5 pro-estadity referendums unheard by the Congress.

The time to stop all this is now, even if I die.

I Never Knew I Had a Choice [Second part of second chapter]

I prayed with Mikhael this chapter (what we have read until now, and it is not a mystery the topic of what we are going to read next) and he told me I must read it with forgiving attitude, not expecting anyone, especially my progenitors, to receive nor accept my forgiveness, but forgiving simply because it brings peace and fullfillment. He gave me an idea: to create together a forgiveness sign to give not to those who reject my forgiveness (nope, you shouldn’t give a sign of forgiveness if you know it won’t be accepted) but to other that would enjoy that sign, even if they don’t know what it is.

And we found out the perfect sign of forgiveness: we make a bake party. This is beautiful for many reasons. I loved to make cookies during my teen years and beyond, although now I forgot my recipes. I didn’t had a big oven todo them, so I used a small one. I remmeber going once to a neighbour house (who had collaborated with the abuse through the years) to make cookies, and he made an angry fuzz because it was expensive to use the oven. They did it th covert way (the wife said to him I was making cookies, to let me do it, but the husband was angry about it… they staged all) I never came back to that house to bake cookies. The aunt I mentioned yesterday (the one with the supossed breast cancer) at some period of time bought me pre-made cookie dough for doing them for family parties, and now I see why she did that, to mimick my enjoyment of baking and doing cookies. My progenitors also like to play with my bake sheets. I haven’t done from-scrath cookies in years. I dreamed to create original recipes for a family recipe book.

Mikhael chose something very beautiful to make our bake party: Easy bakes. You see, I wanted that toy when I was a girl and they didn’t buy it for me, not even for Christmas. It was quite cruel to do somethig like that. Well, Mikhael used that for the bake party, we did forgiveness cookies with Easy bakes. The people you give the cookies don’t need to know they are forgiveness cookies, you simply give them to let them enjoy them. In the case you know someone will accept your ask for forgiveness, or your given forgiveness, well, you can tell it, but you don’t need to tell it.

Mikhael explained it in terms of grace: when someone doesn’t receive a grace, other soul receives it. Forgiveness is a grace. When someone doesn’t receive it or even reject it, you can make cookies and let other person enjoy the grace.

It was a very beautiful and healer dream. I need to add to my Amazon wishlist Easy Bakes for my students. 🙂 With plenty of baking refills.

Now I am back from the school. After eating my dinner I began to sing “Even unto death” of Audrey Assad. As I finished the song I felt nauseous and with a little bit of vertigo. I took out the Apple watch to check the blood oxigenation, but I discovered that the watch checked the blood oxigenation automatically three minutes before. I was singing “Even unto death” at that moment already, but of course, I had no idea my Apple watch was checking out the blood oxigenation while I was doing that.

Here you can see my blood oxigenation while I sang “Even unto death”: 93% I was literally being oxigen deprived while singing “Even unto death”

I remembered the dream and I smiled: this is no hate land. We choose Love. We choose forgiveness, unconditional forgiveness, even while being oxygen deprived cruelly.

So… after this healing dream, we are ready to begin the part of the chapter of middle childhood and teen years.

“A key social ability in children is empathy, which involves understanding the feelings of others, being abke to take others’ perspective, and respecring the differences in how people feel about things”. You know, one of the things that have worried me more along the years witnessing institutional negligence and teachers and others using kids to abuse me is how these kids were going to learn empathy if they are taught or told that you can abuse others if told so or if being paid for doing so. Lack of empathy in children is always a red alert warning, either if it is lack of empathy towards classmates or towards the teachers or other people in school grounds. Really, trust me on this: one of the worst damage you can do to a kid is teaching him or her that lack of empathy is ok and even aceptable and normal. I truly hope the students I have taught along the years and that had been abused to abuse me can unlearn that lack of empathy.

“Can I identify in any ways with Helen’s feelings?” I do remember since kindergarten have a feeling of being different than other and needing to “hide” who I am, but I don’t really know from were that feeling came from. I loved to learn.

“What struggles did I experience in forming my self-concept? [in school]” It knew I was different, and even the teachers knew I was different, but I really never knew why, besides being described as “brilliant”, but strugling with the most easy tasks, like remembering to bring my materials. It was well in my adulthood years that I discovered the term “twice-exceptional” and I saw myself fully identified with the characteristics of twice-exceptional kids. I did not repressed nor denied I was different, but I had no idea of why neither. Being called “rare” at home didn’t helped neither. I felt I never “fit”… except with God. With God Father (I read the Bible since very early age, and I loved the Old Testament) and my guardian angel everything was OK. I did rationalize a lot, always looking for excuses, good excuses, to justify my differences. I also learned to compensate, doing extra of what I knew I was good to mask what I wasn’t good or couldn’t do right (like using a pizza when I was unable to learn fractions). If daydreaming is considered fantasy, I did fantasized a lot. I am an innate daydreamer, always seeking where I fit.

“[Preadolescents] cover up their need to be dependent by exaggerating their independence”. I exagerated my independence a lot while groing up. I even asked (and was allowed) to go to doctors appointments by my own, they simply signed. I always tried to do everything by my own and loved camps were I was wihout my parents. My excuse was being the older sister, so I needed to be more independent… the reality is, I was unconsciously aware I couldn’t depend on them and I didn’t wanted to depend on them.

“A crucial part of the identity-formation process is individuation, separating from our family system and establishing an identity based on our own experiences.” Can individuation began earlier than adolescence? My individuation began very early on, especially in one concrete aspect: prayer. I never prayed like my parents prayed, even my cathechists and religion teachers noticed my deeper prayer “skills”. I was not exactly seeking to individuate: it simply happened by its own.

“Forming a philosophy of life is a central task of adolescence”. So, a course like this one should be given in schools? One of the lasts chapter of this book si creating a philosophy of life. I do think these kind of topics should be discussed in school, so pur students are better prepared to be self-concious of who they are and who they are called to become. As a matter of fact, in High School-Middle School I would give 1 whole period of integractive sciences: one year education, one year psychology, one year humanities, one year proyect year. Yes, they shoud have the space to create a project that defines them, like writing a book, or creating a work of art, like I did with Iesu Amor.

“Although major life events during childhood and adolescence have an impact on the way that we think, feel, and behave in adult life, we are not hopelessly determined by such events. Instead, we can choose to change our attitude toward these events, which in turn will affect how we behave today”. True. My life is not determined by my abusive past, including in childhood and adolescence.

“When you reflect on your childhood and adolescent years, how did your ability to cope with experiences influence the way you cope with present life situations? What healthy coping mechanisms did you adopt? What maladaptative coping mechanisms did you adopt?” Well, I am kind of Elsa, of Frozen: I have learned to hide well and I do know how to hide well who I am. In the environments I am I know how to hide my contemplative giftedness, what not to say, what not to project, to seem like a normal person. Only Jesus knows me fully: I am nesciri to all else.

“Pictures often say more about you than words. What do your pictures tell about you?” You know, my third grade school picture was the most beautiful and happiest one of my school pictures in primary school, still it was my saddest year. Still, there is a “picture problem” with me: my progenitors never revealed the 35mm film of the pictures I took or they took of me, except with relatively rare ocassions, so my pictures literally dissapeared. They did it on purpose, of course. Besides that, I had an obsession with keeping my own pictures, I had the best of them, but while I was in Pamplona I had no space for my own pictures and I throwed them all. to the trash So I trashed my best childhood and infancy pictures myself simply due not having space for traveling with them. So… well, having pictures of me can be tricky. No videosnof me were taken on the infancy or survived if taken, not even in the kindergarten graduation, they destroyed it, I remember it. They did it covertedly, letting it get fungus.

This is the end of Chapter 2. I will do chapter 3 tomorrow.

As I write this, there is a general failure in the electrical system of this torture house. The solar power system, the whole system, is down. The only thing that keeps working is the air conditioner because its power comes fron the power grid. I do feel intense drooling, but current blood oxigenation level is 100%

It is the first time ever the electrical sytem fails completely since installed. Of course, is done on purpose. 🙃 Just now my progenitor male said a lie saying that there is not enough energy in the general power grid (the electricity that comes from the street, provided by LUMA) to keep the air conditioner on. I simply let him know clearly he was lying (I didn’t told him he was lying: I simply made the certain expresione and questions to let him be sure to see I was conscious of his lie) and let him do whatever he wanted (he left).

You know what? The air conditioner is actually getting a lot colder than usual.

The progenitor entered the room and shutted down herself the air conditioner saying “the system shutted down completely”. They are lying. I was explained once the air conditioner is feed from the street electricity. They simply want me to sleep bad with hot air. Is how they work: they impose their view of the reality. They say the air conditioner doesn’t work, they don’t really care what you say, they will do whatever they want. 🙃

Remember: they planned this. They planned to spoil the very own solar power system they themselves paid for. Probably to let my meats rotten in the unplugged fridge or something like that. They have done that before.

Now the electrical system is working… but they did a whole show, including entering in my room while talking with an “electrician”. As you may guess, nobody came to my room when the electricity was reinstalled. I knew it by my own, when going outside the room to take pictures of the scales of the book. As a matter of fact, now my air conditioner doesn’t work at all, although I have electricty in the room.ai can’t change of room: the bed of the other room is too low to be used.

When I asked why my air conditioner doesn’t worked, my progenitor frmale said that there was a general failure of electricity in Puerto Rico. Because I am using no social media and no news, I had no way to know if that was true. I opened ENDI.com to see if that was true… nope, there is no general electrical failure in Puerto Rico right now.

My best way to live is ignoring them. Sadly. Whatever they do, its with abusive purpose. Always. You can pray for the conversion of everyone, but at the same time, you do know no one can take that choice without grace, or forced. That means: they can commit and do commit the wrong choices, and you can’t do anything about that.

So, let’s keep choosing to forgive and to embrace mercy. Lets keep choosing to live a fulfilled life, a holy life, a happy life. Let’s keep choosing to be a light.

Here are the pictures of the scales:

I Never Knew I Had A Choice [First half of Chapter 2]

I am beginning Chapter 2 of I Never Knew I Had a Choice on March 13, expectting to complete it on March 14. The chapter is tittled “Reviewing Your Childhood and Adolescence”. This will be a rocky road: if something is sure is that both are filled with trauma, even if I myself wasn’t able to see it until relatively recently.

The chapter begins affirming that “If you are an autonomous person, you are able to function without constant aproval or reasurrance, are sensitive to the needs of pthers, can effectively meet the demands of daily living, are willing to ask for help when it is needed, and can provide support for others. In essence, you have the ability both to stand alone and to stand by another person”… Well, if you define autonomous in those terms, yes, I am autonomous, with a very i portant observation: I have never been able to know if I can stand by another… erm… non-spiritual person. I know I can stand besides Jesus Charity, but I had never had the chance to know if I can stand by another livint human-flesh-touchable person. Understood? 🙃

“Chronological age is not the only index in considering physical, emotional and social age”. True. I swear my two progenitors have the emotional/social maturity of toddlers, always throwing hate passive-aggresive tantrums.

“The systemic view is that individuals cannot really be understood apart from the family system of which they are part”. In a kid, this is absolutely true. In an adult like me, it is true in other sense: as you know my family, you can understand how huge had been the obstacles I have overcome through my existence, with the help of God’s grace.

“Levinson (1996) writes that a developmental crisis occurs when an individual has a great difficulty meeting the tasks of the current period and that the individual often experiences moderate to severe crises during these transitional periods. The crises revolve around being caught between the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of another era in one’s development”. I do agree with these kind of crises, but there are another kind of crises: the growth crises, in which either you change or you go backwards and get stuck or even harm yourself. The growth crises may be or not be transitional crises. I don’t think all crises are transitional, as Levinson suggests.

“To a large extent, our lives are the result of the choices we make at each stage of life”… This is not always true. Not always the right choices are given, and you are forces to commit things you wouldn’t have done if given the right resources/role models. Think, as example, in a teen who never knew a positive male role model, because never knew his father, and simply have seen machist male role models, or even gang male role models. He ends in jail because he knew no better way to behave, nor had honest opportunities to get what he needed. Would you say that what that teen is living is the result of his own choices? I don’t think so. The situation is not rare. Thousands of narcos end there due lack of better opportunities, due lack of choices. This is why I strongly believe in giving better growth choices as a way to change the world for the better.

“From birth to age 2 infants are becoming acquainted with their world. Developmental psychologists contend that the child’s basic task in the first year of life is to develop a sense of trust in self, others, and the environment. Infants need to count on others; they need to sense that they are cared for and that the world is a secure place”. May be this is why I have at least two memories of prior age 2, one of them being pre-linguistic (I was not talking yet in one of them, I actually remembered the phonemes, now I don’t remember them, but I remember what happened: they took my blanket and throw it away), arpund 9-10 months old, when I began to walk. I know it because I remember myself in the trash can, the height, me trying to stand and take the blanket from the wood trash can (the wood cabinet was open). I remember that because I felt insecure and unsafe? Never thought it before. The other very early memory I have is running my trycicle very fast and it broke, and I got a very hard hit. That happened around age two or less. It was in a third floor, in a very large corridor around the house. The other early infancy memories I have are after those, I think. I do remember hurricane Hugo, they let me go out to the balcony. I also remember being taken away from a flood, but now I don’t trust what my progenitors said about that memory. The mirrow issue also was a problem.

“Attachment involves an emotional bonding with another who is perceived as a source of security”. A true problem for me, since very early age, was that I didn’t “feel like mommy or daddy (no me siento que soy como mamá ni como papá)”. I verbalized this since very early, having no idea of why. In third grade I went further “mommy and daddy don’t love me”. I was so severely reprimanded for saying that that I learned to hide my feelings. The problem of not seen myself neither as mom nor as dad persisted through life, and now that I know what I know I am proud of myself for that… but the fact is I never had attachments to any of them. I did had attachments to my teachers, that is for sure, but never to them. I also had an early attachment to the Eucharist: I do remember saying very early to my progenitor “Jerusalem is in heaven”, as we were going out from the parish (San Martín) contemplating the Eucharist. My progenitor mocked me cruelly: Jerusalem is not in heaven. At that early age, the moves were already being done (I was about six, five, no later than seven years at most).

“A sense of being loved during infancy is the best safeguard against fear, insecurity, and inadecuacy. Children who receive love from parents or other attachment figures generally have little difficulty accepting themselves, whereas children who feel unloved and rejected may find it very difficult to accept themselves. In addition, rejected children learn to mistrust the world and to view it primarily in terms of its ability to do them harm” Yes, people, this is true. During years I cried because I was the rare, always the rare. I resolved this in adulthood, but yes, the rejection of your parents, even if it is a covert rejection and the child is not exactly concious of it, does do harm to a child. It can be healed, of course. What happens in our infancy doesn’t need to define who we are as adults, if we become conscious of what happened and what to do to not repeat the harmful patterns of the infancy and childhood.

“Am I able to trust others? Myself?” Yes

“Am I willing to make myself known to a few selected people in my life?” That is not an option for me right now. There is no privacy possible.

“Do I basically accept myself as being OK, or do I seek confirmation outside of myself?” Excuse me, I am not OK, I am awesome, Jesus Charity says. He is my validation.

“How far will I go in my attempt to be liked? Do I need to be liked and approved by everyone?” For me, its rare to be liked, but I only need to be liked by Jesus.

“Am I in any way like Sally? Do I know of anyone who had experiences similar to hers?” No, I am not like her, I don’t feel like a child, I am a grown woman (as the Phil Collins’s song says: “I am a man [that I sing as “I am His”]). I am sorry for people like her.

“How much do I really know about my early years? What have I heard from my parents and extended famiky about my infancy and early childhood?” My progenitors have gone to the extend of faking an ultrasound of mine. I can’t trust anything what they said to me, including the story of my birth… but I do have infancy memories of my own.

“How was love expressed in my family?” In terms of interests. That always called my attention. Example: if I was given a gift, it was not exactly the toy I asked, but clothes or practical gifts. I was given what I hated, and forced to accept everything. This was this way even as adult with the gifts given as Christmas gifts by my aunts. Love was always somethign that depended on how convenient was what you were doing to their purposes. My parents never said me “I love you”, not even once, during infancy and childhood or adolescence. The most similar thing they have told, my female progenitor, was while I was taken away in a forced hospitalization: we do this for love (hacemos esto por amor). There was also a gesture that I still remember: after the operation I had at seventeen I had severe chest pain and trouble breating. I believed I was going to die because they did nothing and I was barely able to keep breathing due pain (in the hospital, they called it hiperventilation, a possible secondary effect reaction from anesthesia, but the nurse believed I was faking it… now we know it was something more creepy). My progenitors, when they finally did something, didn’t called an ambulance, they took me themselves to the ER. My progenitor female took my hand, but what she was really doing, now I know, was mimicking my guardian angel. I sweared to myseld I wouldn’t let them care for me, never, after that. They waited about eight hours of breathing struggle and chest pain to take me to the ER. No one understood love as I did: as unconditional. That was why I was so easily abused, because I was predisposed to love everyone unconditionally. Another example of how love was understood as interest is that you were more loved if you cleaned more, even when you were concious you were too young to do certain chores.

“We cannot change in a positive direction unless we stop blamming others for the way we are now”. I agree. I can blame them for the way I exist now, as a slave, but I absolutely don’t blame them for the way I AM now.

As I said in the previous blog post, I am loving this book.

Here are the scales of this section of the book.

PD: This was the blood oxigenation test I made after finishing this blogpost. I had a light headache while writing most of this.

That is how much they love me ❤️❤️❤️ The proportion of their “love” is the proportion of my blood oxigenation. They are not killing me, they are simply depriving me of oxygen. 🙃 By the way, my blood oxygenation in this house or in the cars had been as low as 82.

You are forgiven. No hate land here!

Now, imagine me tomorrow in the nurse screening of the endocrinologist, showing this picture.

Imagine them saying “its asthma”. That is what they are going to do, even if I explain them: it only happens inside the room.

Bullshit, people. You, medical professionals, have deliberately choosen through all these years not acting upon clear medical evidence of abuse. All doctors have done the same, eventually.

I am so tired of lies… and I won’t engage in more lies.

So, no medical care for me. 🙃

A final comment, while I hear the song “Truly, madly, deeply” as if Jesus Charity is singing with me…

As you may noticed, I shutted down my social media apps completely. Right now I stopped using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook completely. I have certain access to You Tube for professional uses, or if the progenitors force me to use music to go to take the forced pills without hearing what they are talking/hearing. My only current notifications are emails, for professional purposes. I am not even seeing news.

I simly got tired of begging: please, stop the grammar mistake game. Or please, stop the add game. Or please, stop the false proyection game or any other kind of mind game.

Guess what? I feel a lot less exploited without social media. Really. It can be something very gruesome to say, considering the social exploitation and social slavery I am subject from my progenitors… but I literally begged social media to stop playing with me and exploiting me handpicking content for my social media. I was unheard. Completely unheard.

According to my notion of being a charity influencer, you influence people to become the best person they can be as they live charity… and I don’t think the use of social media I was doing (forcedly: I had no other choice than tolerate the social media exploitation) was compatible with that, nor with evangelizing, my main purpose when socializing.

I think people should be able to reflect about their use of social media and don’t let themselves be moved by thrist of fame or power of influencing. I am very happy influencing only my students, even if they don’t know I am imfluencing them. I do it doing the best job I can. Influencing is not reaching many, is reaching everyone you can for the better, helping to grow in more communion, helping everyone you can reach to become the best person they can be. If I can only reach my students, with no use of social media, well, great.

We should reflect about our use of social media… and if it is cause of social slavery and social exploitation, being able to stop its use until the proper corrections are made.

And because I know the corrections won’t be made… my use of social media, all of them, is right now extremely low, no matter if that means loosing all social contact.

Of course, this means extra time to write blog posts…

Enjoy! 🙂

(I still had the light headache while writting all that. The dog vomited).

He also made a very strange poop, covered in a thick mucus. It has happened to me also, but not right now. I should have notice that Poppy, the dog that is vomitating and making strange poop, is in the floor. It is a fact that the lower the altitude, the most damage toxic gasses do. I am trying to put him in the bed.

Besides all that, this is the temperature of the room right now. It is hot.

To give you an idea of how hot it is, this was the temperature when arriving at the room, with no air conditioner on during the whole day

This is all for now. Enjoy the blog post time! 🙂

PD 2: Its 10:53 pm now. I went to sleep about 8:00 pm, after going to the bathroom hourly since 3 pm. Right now blood oxygenation is 95%. I woke up due needing to go to make pee, but I felt vertigo while getting up, besides headache. I also had small tremors along the body. As I said, my heart is no hate land. I forgive and keep sleeping and dreaming, oxigen deprived… but this is the definition of parental love here: control and torture. I left the bed for a second, for a very brief moment, and right now the vertigo and the frontal headache are very strong.

I Never Knew I had a Choice [Second half of Chapter 1]

I prayed the content of the Chapter 1 (what I read yesterday) in my dream, and Mikhael said something very beautiful to me: God Love does respect my choices. God Love does respect humanity’s choices. In the middle of a world where no one respect each other’s choices… God does.

As a matter of fact, Mikhael reminded me that God asked me if I wanted to give light to Jesus Charity, and I said yes… and that question had been repeated along the years. He repeated it in last night’s dream, and was beautiful, but also strange. Really, nobody respect my choices or ask me what I choose. I have begged the social media mind game to stop, and yesterday, even in the middle of the process of disconecting from social media, there they were: grammar mistakes, mind games, games with adds… That besides the fact that my progenitors does not give me the choice to be human and exist in a human way. Both sides are totally disrespectful to my choices.

In the middle of all that, there is all mighty God Love who asks if you would give Him light today, and again, and again…

Yes, my Lord and my Love. Fiat mihi secundum caritatis tuam. That is the choice that defines my life.

It is curious, because, as I explained yesterday, I think that everything can’t be allowed to be a choice. Death can’t be allowed to be a choice (my progenitors left a knife in the kitchen, and that is a death sign, they do that when they want to project death… it is a gruesome social abortion sign). No one can choose the death of someone else, and that includes abortion. Anything that is against human rights can be allowed as a choice if we choose to become the human fraternal family we are called to become.

Something is for sure: we are in a world were only certain choices are respected, those who are agree with certain interests and ideologies. God Love is not that way, for sure. His way to ask me, through Mikhael, if I want to give light to Him was beautiful and… very humbling.

Here is another detail about choices Mikhael just taught me.

Through the day, today, I learned that my dog Minnie had cancer. She was operated weeks ago of a mamary mass. Well, the mass was cancer, the biopsy says, but it didn’t metastatized. It was removed on time and now she needs a check up every six months to check up the cancer is not back. Her mother, Princess, had the same mass issue (still has one), but it is not an hereditary issue: this is consecuence of the toxic gassing in the room we are almost all the time, together.

So, why not me too?

As a matter of fact, years ago, many years ago, I had masses in my breast. I didn’t said anything. I didn’t seek treatment or diagnosis. I was too scared to need medical care, in the circumstances I was. Although I was still not completely concious of what was going on, I was concious enough to know: I don’t want to depend on my progenitors for medical care. I don’t want operations, I don’t want mammographies, I don’t want to depend on them to receive care, even if it is cancer care. I prefer to die of cancer. I told God that. I won’t seek treatment for this.

They dissapeared.

I had no idea then: the mamary masses were being caused by them, by the toxic gassing. I did had an aunt that, very dramatically and without invitationor even a trust relationship with me, went to my room and undressed her chest to show me the scars of her breast cancer operation. As I said, I had no trust to this aunt, and, as a matter of fact, now we know she had collaborated with the abuse through all these years. They planned me to have breast cancer, not only brain cancer.

I received the veterinary call about Minnie’s cancer while I was with students. I had no way to write what was going on inside me, so I chose to wait until now (lunch break) to write my inner reaction.

I told Mikhael while I was hearing the veterinary: this could be me. I had mammary masses too, but mine dissapeared.

Mikhael smiled: remember when you told that your choice was to giving light to Jesus Charity? That has consecuences for God too. He will make it possible, and if that requires healing you, He will.

So, I humbly know now: I was healed of breast cancer a few years ago, when I rejected to seek treatment for those mammary masses. I will have pre-cancerous nodules, in the thyroid…

And the story repeats again: tomorrow is the appointment with the endocrinologist and I won’t go, even if it is an appointmed made five months ago, simply because I don’t want to lie and say that what is happenning is hereditary. It is now. My thyroid have changed of sizes through the years. This is not exactly hypothyroidism. This is toxic poisoning via toxic gassing. They knew it too. They fabricated the “need” of thyroid medication of my progenitor so there is a “family history” of hipothyroidism. I do have the antibodies, but it is for sure: it is consecuence of the toxic gassing too.

Mikhael knows I won’t go to the appointment. Once again, I prefer the cancer than depend on them to go to treatments and operations.

Please, stop for a second and pray for all those brothers and sisters with serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders… illnessess that are treatable, or may be some can be terminal… but they don’t seek medical treatment, even if they could survive if they receive the proper medical treatment, simply because they don’t want to be cared, or have no one to care for them because they are rejected by their family or even my the medical personel. That is, basically, how euthanasia works: you prefer to die than to be cared until your natural death. Its a very terrible circumstance. God doesn’t want euthanasia, that is why He allowed the miracle. The situation then is the same situation now: I can’t be cared, either by the medical center who would have treated me and diagnosed me initiatially (I had been harassed in medical centers too; they had the chance of recognice the abuse and report it, and they didn’t, they deliberately ignored evidence, as had happened in every forced hospitalization) or either by my biological family. In the past my thyroid had recovered by itself. I guess it will happen again, because I won’t seek medical treatment of any kind.

So many situations of my life comes through my eyes right now: things that no parent would have overlooked, but mine did, on purpose, for doing damage. I don’t mean toxic gassing now. I mean, as example, not seeking help for me when it was evident I didn’t learned the way my classmates learned. Now we know: I was twice-exceptional. I am both gifted and ADHD. I needed learning and growing support that I was not given… on purpose.

How cruel…

Well, lets forgive and keep reading Chapter 1. I actually did a forgiveness prayer today when I passed by besides the place I lived my first four years of life.

Chapter 1…

I am continuing in page 23: multiple intelligence theory. I studied this in the Education Faculty, as part of my studies to become teacher. I do agree with the author: emotional intelligence must be taught more, it tends to not be emphasized. I also agree with the authors when they say that we must take responsability of our own learning, but my problem is trying to learn too many new things at the same time, because I love learning and I need to learn to control myself and know my limits. I have learned that the hard way, after many class failures and drop outs simply because I took a too big class load. That besides the fact that I learn creatively and that requires extra time per class to do your creations needed to memorize stuff that others simply memorize memotechnically. Of course, my time management skills are awful (I am an innate procastinator) and my study habits depend more on my passion to learn than on needing to study for a test. I hate tests, did I mentioned it?

In one of the questionary questions, the authors asks “What are you willing to do to become actively involved in your learning?”

One of the options say: “I am willing to read the material and think how it applies to me”.

Well, that is my quid while learning: I apply everything to the personal formation, and of course that includes my own personal formation. What I don’t apply that way, I don’t learn it. Period. It even becomes boring. I hate taking classes simply because I must take them and memorize whatever they say abstractly.

The authors also say that “This course is likely to be different from many of the courses you have taken. Few courses deal primarily with you as subject matter. Most college courses challenge you intellectually, but this book is geared toward integrating intellectual and personal learning. To a large degree, what you get frok this course depend on what you are willing to invest of yourself”. I would have loved to take such kind of course. I have never taken a course like this, and I am glad of finding this book. 🙂

“Each of the 14 chapters can be read separately” Good to know.

“Chapter 13 contains a detailed discussion of formulating your philosophy of life, and some instructors assign some type of philosophy of life paper as course project”. I like that idea.

In the summary the authors say that “We do not have to live by the plans that others have designed for us. With awareness we can begin to design our own blueprints and to make significant choices”.

I will paraphrase that: “We do not have to live by the slavery chains that others have designed for us. With awareness we can begin to design our own blueprints and to make significant choices”. Got it, right?

The authors also say in that summary that “growth is a lifelong process of expanding self-awareness and accepting new challenges”. I will also paraphrase that: “growth is a lifelong process of expanding self-awareness and accepting new challenges to become the best person we can be”. Not all kind of challenges are healthy challenges: growth challenges are those that help us to become the best person we can be.

“Self-actualization is not something that we do in isolation; rather, it is through meaningful relationships with others and through social interest that we discover and become the persons we are capable of becoming”. Well, I am proving you wrong. 🙃

“This course can be a first step on the journey toward achieving your personal goals and living a self-actualization existence while at the same time contributing to make the world a better place”. What a beautiful sentence to read in a class syllabus!

“Do bot feel compelled to complete all the activities; select those that have the most meaning for you at this time in your life”…. Ahhhhhhhhh, a class that actually cares for what it means to you what you study/do… 😲

“To what degree Maslow’s characteristics of self-actualization are part of your personality?” Self-awareness, trust, honesty and caring are firmly part of my personality. Freedom is not. I would lie if I say I am free at the same time I am forced to be injected like a cow and to exist like a social slave of my progenitors, and I am not autonomous neither, I am in a dependant web, always depending on my progenitors, especially economically. They know it and like to inforce it strongly (lack of freedom and dependance traits). As a matter of fact, they do “know” Maslow’s pyramid. I have actually commented several times that what they do seems to force me to live a survival live mode, always pending of basic needs, either safety needs or physical needs, or even lack of affection (love needs) in order to unfocus me to grow and become the best person I can be (what Maslow calls “self-actualization”). Really, sunce the very first time I saw the pyramid I thought: that is what happens at home, I am always thinking in other needs that distracting from growing and become “self-actualized” (in the top of the pyramid). The only need they reeeeeeeeally have a hard time playing with is ego: it is really difficult to make me feel disrespected, because God respects me, as I explained in the beginning of this blog post. The same applies to the love need: God loves me, so whatever my progenitors make to hate me, I don’t care.

“Do you think Maslow’s ideal of self-actualization fits for individuals of all cultural and ethnic groups? Are any characteristics inapropiate for certain cultures?” Generally speaking, they do fit all cultures, and that is why is so fascinating for me studying self-actualization (which, as I have said, I haven’t studied before deeply, it was only mentioned in the course of Psychology of Education as part of studying the whole pyramid): it applies to everyone. That is what the integractive personal formation model strives: to apply to everyone, equally. It is not a matter of impose ideas, it is not a matter of impose a specific way of growth: it is supossed to define what personal formation processes are, so it can be sistematically studied/observed.

The book offers the Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligence scale. I did the test, I made all the calculations and I got perfect score in two multiple intelligences: verbal and intrapersonal. I am surprised to see such a low score in visual/spatial (19) because I have always thought I learn better visual/spatially.

Here are my total scores:

Verbal/linguistic: 35/35

Musical/rhytmic: 18/35

Logical/mathematical: 19/35

Visual/spatial: 19/35

Bodily/kinesthetic: 21/35

Intrapersonal: 35/35

Interpesonal: 29/35

As you can see, I am awfulunderstanding music sheets, but I do love music. As a matter of fact, I am using music to focus more as I write this. I am hearing “Gratia Plena”, of Andrea Bocelli.

By the way, the progenitors had been causing me to go pee once per hour while doing this. 🙃

This would be the end of Chapter 1, and the end of this blog post.

I am truly enjoing this book. 🙂 These scales are more helpful than all the ones I had done through these years.

Here you can see photos of the scales pf the second half of Chapter 1

I never knew I have a choice [Preface to Eight edition and part of Chapter One]

I am currently reading the book “I Never Knew I Have a Choice: Explorations in Personal Growth”. I loved the book since I saw it, it was love at first sight ❤️. I will share in the blog the reflections of my daily readings, with pictures of the scales. I find the topic of the book fascinating and I am grateful of finding this book for only 5 bucks in the bookstore of the Interamerican University, Metro campus. 


The preface starts affirming that this book is to explore the “choices available to you”. I would go further and say: the choices avaiable to grow more as who you are called to be. I mean, I have the choice of committing suicide for stopping all the social control around me, but I won’t commit that choice because it is not compatible with who I am and who I am called to be: living Eucharist. Choice, for the mere sake of choosing, is wortless. Our choices must have an intention, a purpose, a call that brings meaning to what we so. We are all meant to be, if you want to call it that way, a living sign of life. We can’t avoid be a living message, so our choices do matter. We are not only someone callled to become who he or she is called to be: we are also living messages, living “prophets”, would a Christian say, for those around us. Who you are matters, and you can choose who you are and who you want to become within a certain range of options. Choose humbly and wisely… and thinking not only about you, but about God and about those who you are called to serve and sanctify.

The preface also affirms that this book is a “personal book” because it encourages to examine the choices we have committed and our level of satisfaction with them… I, as Christian, would say: “the level of sanctification, the level of fidelity to God-Love” but I get it. It also says: “each chapter begins with the present”. Great idea. Then the authors propose an audacious proposal (“where I can go from here?”) at the end of each chapter, stating that each reader is meant to be a “coauthor” of the book with their own reactions and their journals. Yes, this is my kind of book. I love to comment books and answer questions and even better: get new questions I didn’t had before.🙂

The preface also affirms that “self-fulfillment can occur only if individual have a sense of social consciousness”. Well, I am a defiance to that affirmation. My social consciousness along my life always had been very deficient. I believed myself autistc due my “inability to socialice as the people around me” that later on I discovered was normal under my circunstances (those around me along my life were narcissistic and sociopaths, besides narcos). Still, my self-fullfillment have always revolved around accomplishing God’s will. You can do that with very little or even no social conciousness. As a matter of fact, right now I am closing all my social media apps because they are simply working as a social explotation machine, more than like a social interaction/contact instrument. I have become tired of seeing adds that are manipulated, content that is manipulated, of not being able to control what I see and what kind of content I have accesible to my sight. We all know it: the authorities are using my social medias, all of them, for all kind of mind games. My purposes for using social media (for me to evangelize and to socialize go hand by hand) is not taken in count. Sorry, using social media that way, being completely socially exploited everytime I use it, is not normal jor healthy. No one is no one to hand pick what I see and how I choose to share my ideas. No one is no one to play mind games with false proyections and mimicking with what I see in my social media, without me having ANY way to avoid it. I know this choice is gruesome in my circumstances: my only way of socialize is social media, literally, I can’t socialize here at “home” (house of tortures). But authorities know that and still choose to exploit me socially. So, time to let go social media. As a matter of fact, I only use social media to talk with myself, the interactions are zero. So, in brief words: I can assure you that self-fulfillment can occur without social consciousness. I can die gassed at any moment, and will die after living a fulfilled life because I accomplished God’s will until the very end, without social interactions involved. As a matter of fact, I have talked many times about Jesus Charity being an “inmaculate conceptcion” in the social sense: in ordinary circumstances it is impossible to know a God that is Love if someone doesn’t reflect you socially that love. In my case, I knew since child by inner contemplation. No one told me about guardian angels, I knew I had one by prayer. From that on, the reasing of the Bible let me began to know a God-Love that eventually I would contemplate as Jesus Charity, without ANY posibility of knowing Him through social interaction, because they were controlled and used to exploit and abuse me. He is literally, in the social sense, an inmaculate conception. This is not small, if you consider that in the parishes I went and in the theology school I went the social aspect of life was terribly abused. There as an oversocial emphasis that ruined everything, especially fue ideological reasons (left ideologies always deform social aspects; right ideologies ignore social aspects; we are talking now about left ideologies, but I have also met right, and both kind of “asocializations” do damages)… and in that kind of environment, plus the abuse that surrounded me in the house of tortures, Jesus Charity was born, I contemplated Him as the icon I painted not only without any kind help, but with explicit sabotage from my progenitors (they caused fungus, they broke the canvas, they did holes in the canvas, they sticked pubic hair to the painting, they did paint spots that forced me to repaint zones over and over again…). Socially, it was impossible to someone like me to contemplate Iesu Amor, but I did, and I feel VERY self-fullfillled of “giving Him light”, of being chosen and have received the grace to do so. He is the accomplishent of my life. Everything I do I doit for giving Him light. He is, as my guardian angel said, my “alive water” (you need to understand I can’t drink water right now, only bottled liquids like Coke and juices, because they dohave manipulated the water bottles… can a person survive without water? Well, technically, no… but in my case, yes… the same happen with the lack of social conciousness). 

After briefing the content of each chapter, the authors affirm that their approach is humanistic and personal: “we stress the healthy an effective personality and common struggles most of us experience in becoming autonomous”, empahizing accepting personal responsability for our choices and “consciously deciding whether and how we want to change our lives”. Yes, this is very me. I call it growth discipline: doing things when we must do them, and how we must do them. May be the word “must” can change to “how we discern we must do them”. 

The authors also affirm they are not interested in convert the reader to a particular point of view. Good. I am that way as teacher. “Our basic premise is that a commitment to self-exploration can create new potentials for choice”. Are they saying there are choices we don’t know they are even there? 🤨 That is something to think about. 

“The book encourages to take an honest look to our lives and challenge ourselves ro certain changes”… Its not a bad idea. 

Is there a class of Psychology of Personal Growth? Never had seen that class, never, in any of the faculties or universities I had been. 

The authors have the intention of cause interaction, but above all to provide the reader with an avenue for reflection. Great!

These are all my comments of the preface, I am ready for the adventure!

Let’s being with Chapter 1. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 beings with a daring sentence: “one thing I can see niw that I didn’t see before is that I can change my life if I want to. I never knew I had a choice!”

That sounds beautiful, but my reality is that I don’t have a choice to exist humanely. Said in a few words: I can only exist i jected and treated like a cow. My own life is not in my hands: my body is slaved to my progenitors, even my professional execution is slaved to them, either due the secondary effects of the toxic gassing or due they sabotaging the car and things I use to work (example: they stealed the special accomodations papers from my backpack, I don’t know the special accomodations of my students nor I dared to explain the situation to the principal of the school). The only thing that is not slaved to them is my spiritual being… but my spiritual being is also organic body and social subject, so it is affected at some extent by what they do (example: I can’t pray if they cause me somnolence, nor I can go to mass and have social interaction in the parish because there are narcissistic abusers there too). 

I do believe everyone should be entitled with the choice to grow and keep growing, but I do not have that choice. As a matter of fact, the only choice I am given by my progenitors is to die by suicide or murdered by them, either by toxic gassing or causing an accident with the sabotaged car. They, nor anyone else, don’t give me, literally, any other choice to escape their abuse. I have tried over and over again to denounce their abuse, and I have never sucedded. I do have tried to change tht slavery and abuse, but my progenitors falsely projected, with help of corrupt doctors, a false diagnosis of schizophrenia to disguise my abuse claims as paranoia. I have had very solid evidence of abuse, and still no one believed me. During many years, the only choice I had been given to escape the abuse, the social slavery and the extreme cruelty around me is killing myself, something I have not done because it is not compatible with another choice I did: becoming the living Eucharist I am called to be as I “give light” to Jesus Charity. That is the single only reason that have stopped me from committing suicide, but the abuse, the cruelty, the hate, the sociopathy of my progenitors and of those who collaborate with them remains intact, and I can’t change the slavery and abuse I am subject to. So… it is not true that we can always change our lives if we want to. 

Further on the book says: “Sometimes it is not possible to make a desired change…”

Lets be clear: in my circumstances, getting out of here and receiving the help I need is not exactly “a desired change”… it is actually a legal change: what is happenning here is criminal, its illegal, period. It shouldn’t be happening, but thanks to authorities who doesn’t act, it is happening.

I continue the quote: “Sometimes it is not possible to make a desired change, but even in these cases you have the power over your attitude. You can choose how you perceive, interpret, and react to your situation. The serenity prayer outlines the sphere of our responsability: 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can change, and wisdom to know the difference”

First of all: I am surprised to see a prayer in a book that is non theological. Usually in college books you don’t see prayers.


How should someone react to a social abortion, to someone acting deliberately to dehumanize and slave you and control you, even unto death? The fact is that everyone have normalized it and I am given no other choice than “accept it as normal”. The fact is that this had been considered normal during 37 years. The normalcy here is the normalcy of the victim: I am a victim of narcos and narcissistic abusers, and I have no other choice than accept that I will always be the victim, as I had been my whole life, with everyone knowing it and no one stopping it.

For the same reason, the paradoxical theory of change doesn’t apply to me. 

“Perfection is a direction, not a destination”. True. 

Definition of self-exploration: “being honest with yourself and others [and God], thinking for yourself, and making a commitment to live by your choices…” I don’t feel I can live by my own choices. I am retraint to what my progenitors allow me to do or don’t do. As example: I chose to become a teacher, but I had been sabotaged once and once again, and now that I am not in an enviroment where I am sabotaged by students and personel, I am being gassed through the night in such way I feel all kind of secondary effects during the day, so I can’t teach the best way I can. So, some way or another, I can’t truly actually commit the choice of teaching, except in a sabotaged or mediocre way. Its not my choice, I do want to teach as I should, but I am being sabotaged/gassed by the very same persons who paid my teaching degree. 

And that is a very simple example. My situation is very complex. If I talk about the medical arena the examples can become quite nasty and cruel. 

So… how do you self-explore when you are a social slave, with a cucumber and thats it? Because that is the only personal “self-exploration” they will allow. 

I am sorry to tell you I have no “other-steem” for my progenitors and those who collaborate with them. I respect them as human beings, but I have no steem for them at all. I want them out of my life, in the jail, for the safety of everyone, including the kids of this street whose parents may be doing the same to them. I do have tried to understand them, and I do understand they came from extremely poor environmets and didn’t have the resources to make better choices… but they did committed their choices, and I can’t be more disgusted by them. Notice my word: disgusted. I didn’t said “angry” or even “disagree”. It doesn’t matter if I agree or not with their choices. The word here is “disgusted”. I know I should feel disgust for anyone, because we are all human beings and brothers and sisters, but I can’t avoid to feel disgusted for the extreme nastyness and cruelty that happens here. Sorry, I try to avoid it and I can’t avoid it. They are commiting very disgusting choices. I would say the same if this was done to anyone else: its disgusting. Forcing someone to exists the way they are doing it with me is disgusting. This is not a lack of bath issue (I can only bath one per week): its a lack of soul issue. I forgive them all the times that is necesarry, but the contact with them is so disgusting I can only pray for the coversion of all and say no more words than necesary, not answering violence with violence, harm with harm, abuse with abuse, dignity violation with dignity violation… I do forgive them, I do… but being forced to remaing in contact with them, after all they have done and still do, is disgusting, is like being socially raped over and over again.

Due the extreme of my circumstances, you may understand my social connectedness is not an habit of my heart, not at all. I have grown used to be socially isolated, sometimes completely isolated (no internet, no human voices, no words spoken or heard, except in prayer). I do understand the importance of sociability and socializing, but it is the least of the essential dimensions of the personal formation for me, at least if you apply it as socializing with people. During years my only socialization had been prayer. There were times I draw sticks in the wall, counting the days without any contact with civilization except radio to hear news. I don’t know if it is possible to say “you can survive without socialization” but I have done it, and several times, with prayer. As a matter of fact, in my forced mental health hospitalizations there were some in which my socialization was zero, I spoke with no one except if forced. Why? I knew the people around me were collaborating with the social exploitation systemof my progenitors. 

If there is joy in social connectedness, and stable social connectedness that is both psysical and spiritual (not only spiritual as it had been until now)… well, I do not know that joy to be sincere.

What you call self-actualization I call it realization. 

What Jung call individatuion I call obration or projection. 

“Self-actualizing people are more aware of themselves, of others and of reality than the non actualizing people”. I don’t know if we mean exactly the same, but theough my whole life I have seen around me things only I see, and I don’t mean ghosts, I mean life details. I had been called “too sensible” for that.

Talking about reality therapy, the book says that “everything we do van be explained in terms of our attempts to satisfy basic needs”. That can be true with small children, but it is not true with adults, and it is absolutely not true with me. If I have learned something is ignoring my needs, because those around me ignore them too. 

I now finished reading chapter 1, except the reflect section. Congratulations, it is the most concise text I have read about psychological theories of personal growth. 

The problem to me with these theories is that they are not systematized with a foundational personal formation model, a model that embrace all what the person is and is called to be. Many things of what I read could explain the realization part of the integractive personal formation model. 

If we could achieve a model like an adn of personal formation that unifies what all these humanistic psychologists are saying, I think that would be great. Each one of them has a spark that must be heard. 

I am answering the questiojs in page 20, the scales and the question about Maslow’s theory. Probably the qualities I feel most appealing is ethical awareness, creativity and sense of purpose, because they are very strong in me…


You know…

How to explain this…

Interpersonal relationships arise my curiosity sometimes. I don’t know how people’s hearts are, except Jesus Charity, because He has revealed me His heart… but how are psysical and real huam hearts? I mean, I don’t have a friend who comments me her or his day by day stuff, I am heart-blinded. I have asked myself, and to my guardian angel too, many times, how human hearts are supossed to be, how a person is supossed to feel in his or her day by day. Of course, I don’t make questions to anyone about this stuff, you don’t go in live asking people if they are happy, except if they are your students (yes, I educate by heart too)… but how a person is supossed to feel everyday?! 😲 How do you share who you are to another human, non-spiritual being? How do you touch a human heart of flesh the same way you touch Jesus Charity’s flsh heart? If I could could choose one of Maslow’s qualities to cultivate, would be that one. 

I associate them all with living a full a meaningul life. It is the first time I read them and I am fascinated with that notion of self-actualization (I have seen the pyramid before, but I have not studied self-actualization before). 

Sorry, I have no examples to exemplify Maslow’s self-actualization. People around me don’t strive to do the best, but to comply with requisites/rules. That is the usual teacher life.: you gotta comply with what you are told and thats it. If you go outside the lines, you are the outsider. Yes, thats me

Tomorrow I will continue with the next part of chapter 1 (the multiple intelligences theory).

This book is like McDonalds: I’m loving it! 😂

Here are the pictures of the scales:

Walking Like He Walked: A New Sketch of a Theology of Light


Right now I am going to re-read the introduction and some parts of “Walking Like He Walked” that I published on February 14, 2018. Today is December 27, 2022, day of Saint John the Apostle (later I would know Saint John is the patron of theologians). I plan to dedicate the next three days after today (until Friday 30, because un Saturday the focus would be in the New Year’s celebration) to re-read what I have written and write a brief summary of what theology of light is.

This has been a whole adventure I can only be grateful for. This adventure begun with the contemplation of Jesus Charity, Iesu Amor, as a plasmation of a work of art. This later became the plasmation of the whole personal formation as another Christ, as Christ Love, as ipse Christus. Right now, I can’t imagine my life without the difference that Jesus Charity has made in my life. Giving light to Him (in Spanish: darle a luz) had been the most beautiful gift and the biggest blessing of my existence.

I will re-read the text and write here a sketch for a new text, a new “Walking Like He Walked”, adding of course brieft comments of what I have contemplated along the years since 2018 to the present. This is not meant to be a long text, but a brief written sketch. With “written sketch” I mean: my intellectual sketchs are usually tables or drawings. This is a written sketch.

I hope you may enjoy this gift as I am in awe upon His mercy and beautiful gaze. As the introductory biblical text of the original text says: “So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; hence, she has shown great love. But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little”. How greatly can I love thanks to the great sins I have been forgiven!

The original text was dedicated to anyone who have witnessed any kind of abuse inside the Church, to those who had endured abuse against their dignity, to those who have endured religious persecution and to anyone who had experimented a wound of acharity. To that I add: I dedicate this text to anyone who lacks a family that loves him or her unconditionally, as God loves everyone. May every person in this earth find the embrace of a home where he or she can grow loved as God loves us all.

I repeat the original prayer in the original text:

For every assault against truth committed in your name, God that are Light, we ask your forgiveness. Fiat Lux.

For every assault against charity committed in your name, God that are Love, we ask your forgiveness. Fiat Amor.

For every assault against fraternity committed in your name, God that are Life, we ask your forgiveness. Fiat pax.

A New Sketch

Radiating God’s Light Through the Whole Personal Formation: A Theology of Light.

As many of you know, the concept of “theology of light” born while I was in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in a cafe, writing a letter. The main problem with creating a theology of light was that I needed a structure of personal formation to develop the theology of light, and in that process, the theology of light became a theology for studying how to radiate God’s Love through the whole personal formation, both as living humans and as living Church. The concepts of person, personal formation, ecclesial formation and being living sacrament og God-Love became key concepts of the theology of light.

As painting, Jesus Charity begun as Iesu Amor, a painting made for students who had never seen a smiling Jesus. Of course, since the very beginning and even since the picking of the canvas in which He would be painting, everything was full of meaning. In that moment I was coming out from an environment where following norms was more important than living charity, and that asphyxiated my creativity, and even caused a faith crisis (can I be Catholic and be creative?) until beginning Iesu Amor as creative project also meant the beginning of my healing as wounded heart and of my way of conversion as sinner.

The original text of “Walking Like He Walked” deepens the diverse aspects of the theology of light. It is divided in seven parts:

The first part explores the nature of the “mundane” light, how light works in the universe and in nature. This belongs, mainly, to the science of physics. I haven’t been able yet to understand fully the nature of light due lack of understanding of physics, but there is a good text that explores the relation of the nature of light seeen as a theology, a text that didn’t existed when I proposed a theology of light. The title is “The Author of Light: Did God Revealed His Identity in the Physics of Light?”. That books is an awesome proposal of a theology of light from sound physics. It is actually written by a physics professors, as far as I remember. From my perspective, what is more important related to the theology of light is the nature of light and formation of colors, because we form as living sacrament of God Love in the same way light creates and plasmates colors. It is kind like the shroud of Turin but in color: as we are radiated by His resurrection light, we form as the living shrough of God Love we are called to be. The same can be applied to the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe: as we let God’s Light radiate us, we become the living tilma of His Love we are called to be, full of colors that makes His Love visible. As a matter of fact, the beginning of the New Albor Fest at the midnight of New Year, when colorful powders are splashed, has everything to do with what I am explaining now: as we let God “splash us” with His light and colors, we become the living icons of God Love-with-us we are called to be. This part of the text has a lot to be deepened and explored with the help of professors and professionals who are believers and also experts in physics and the nature of light.

The second part explores the notion of light from a Christian-theological perspective: what is the meaning of light in the Christian tradition, from the fiat Lux of the Genesis to our days, to the beautiful stained glass that embellish our churches today as adoration of light and to the meaning of light in the Christmas decoration traditions? This part of the text also needs to be deepened with more resources, specifically theological resources. What I did was done with my very limited theological knowledge, and can be deepened biblically. The same way that life is made visible, His light plasmates —makes visible in us— God Love incarnated. As the Aposle John says: “We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is the Word of life… The life was made visible, we have seen it and testify to it” (1 Jn 1:1-2)This is walking like He walked: forming us as He is formed, proclaiming Him as God-Love that is seen and touchable as we incarnate Him as living Eucharist, as we incarnate Him as we become the living icons of God-Love we are called to be, informed, conformed, transformed, reformed and co-formed as the living Communion we are called to be, incarnating His living Eucharist as the living people of the light we are called to be to radiate His light to all nations, becoming together the human family we are called to be, full of new life, hope, peace, joy and blessings, walking together as brothers and sisters that walk in the light, light that is incarnated sacramentally as we become the living sacrament of His communion we are called to be, the people of the new albor we are called to be. After all, Saint John also tells us: God is Light (1 Jn 1:5). We are called to reveal that light incarnated, as we become the living stars of Heaven we are called to be, the living beacons of His communion we are called to be: You are the light of the world (Mt 5:14).

The third part of the text is dedicated to “integraction”, that is not a typo but my way to denominate the personal formation model contemplated through the process of plasmating Iesu Amor and the theology of light, although in this part of the text integraction is approached also from the natural and integractive sciences perspective. What “integractive sciences” mean? Well, the sciences of the person: humanities (including theology), education and social sciences. This is, by far, the most contemplative-creative part of the text “Walking Like He Walked”, because no one has proposed a structure like integraction to define our personal formation growth processes in the same way DNA defines our biological formation growth functionality. The problem is: concreting this requires A LOT of study in integractive scieces, especially in psychology, and I had never studied psychology beyond and introductory course of psychology of education. As a matter of fact, the living examples of psychologists I have had in my life had not been the best neither, so I had never been able to show this text to a psychology professor or professional to discuss it with scientific view. Of course, my faith was related to the development of this formative model, because it developed as the theology of light was developing, and as Iesu Amor was developing, but I am, theologically and scientifically speaking, in unsorted waters. Scientifically speaking, a structure like integraction had never been “seen” or studied. Theologically speaking, there is not a single ecclesial document dedicated to the nature of the person, to personal formation or to the plasmation of the image and likeness of God Love in our personal formation. So… all these reasons helped this part to be the most creative one of the text. As I wrote in the text, the key questions are: what is a human person? How he or she is formed? How do we embrace our whole human personal formation according to the image and likeness of God Love? Why a new humanization is needed, understanding new humanization as a new, deeper understanding of the human person, forming our humanity as we deepen our personal formation, as we help to be, to do, to grow and to glow every human person, making the person’s growth the center of our humanity’s progress?

The fourth part is dedicated to the theology of light, that applies integraction to the ecclesial personal formation. Here is a huge change from the original text: at that moment, ecclesial personal formation was seen as separated from human personal formation… right now, they are not exactly separated, now ecclesial personal formation is part of the onthological dimension of the nature of the personal formation… but how to explain onthologics in such a way you explain God and the faith is there, well, that is way beyond my onthology and metaphysics knowledge, I just know the ecclesial nature of the personal formation has to do with the onthology and that it influences the whole personal formation, as all the dimensions of the personal nature do (biological dimension, onthological dimension, filial dimension). Well, that being said, you can understand now how why we are literally living Church, and the formation of the Church as living body is related to our formation as persons, as living icons of God Love-with-us. So, the questions in this part of the original text remain: how do we radiate God’s Love with our whole personal formation? What is the Living Church? How do we embrace our whole personal formation according to how God love us? Why a new ecclesialization is needed? By new eclessialization we understand the formation of the Church through the Holy Spirit and sacramental action by “plasmating” the whole personal formation centered in Christ, in unity of ecclesial personal formation and human ecclesial formation, in order to make God’s Love the center of the person’s growth. There is such a great need of a new ecclesialization! We can’t keep being a Church of believers that go to mass but does not incarnate the love of God or does not incarnate the whole personal formation as the living sacrament of God-Love we are called to be. We can’t keep being neither a Church of people who call themselves “non-practicant members”. Either you practice your faith and make it an incarnated work of Love, or you are simply not following Christ and denying yourself being sacramentally part of the Living Church we are called to be. We need a Church that incarnates as living sacrament, as living work of love plasmated in the whole personal formation as the living Eucharist we are called to be, letting the Spirit inform, conform, transform, reform and coform us as His incarnated Body and Flesh. We need a new eclessialization that makes the faithful conscious of their sacramental dignity, of how they are called of live and being a living sacrament of Love, a living icon of God-Love, walking together as He walked, giving witness of how Jesus Charity beats in us, of how the living Eucharist beats in us, of how His heart beat in us.

The fifth part of “Walking Like He Walked” is dedicated to Jesus Charity, the work of art and artistic icon who begun as Iesu Amor. Jesus Charity is a whole process of conversion of the whole personal formation into the sacrament of God-Love-with-us we are called to be, as the living icon of God-Love we are called to be as baptized that incarnate the living Eucharist. As Iesu Amor began, an iconography began to be formed to concrete the meanings behind each form in the painting. Everything in this painting has a meaning, including the color tones and shades. This is essentially related to the sacrament of baptism and is actualized every time we receive the Eucharist: we are all chosen by baptism and called by the Eucharist to plasmate a concrete image of God Love incarnated in our whole personal formation. We are all called to be an “ecclesial sacrament”, a living Church, a unique and concrete living work of love, like happens with a unique work of art made by an artist, but the Artist now is the Holy Spirit that keeps acting and keeps the Church alive as we do constant charity acts, as we consecrate ourselves to live charity, becoming the living work of Love we had been chosen and called to be. Now I think that what in the text is called in this part “sacramentalization in formation”, “glorification in formation”, “familiarization in formation” and “transfiguration in formation” can be considered connected with new ecclesialisation. The fourth and fifth parts are very, very connected, so connected that they could be joined, leaving the technical part of the iconography (the definitions) and deepening the meaning of the process of becoming a living  icon of God Love, as it happened while painting Iesu Amor, who later became Jesus Charity and Christ Love. The same way the Cristeros in Mexico said “viva Cristo Rey” as they were being persecuted for living their faith, now we say “viva Cristo Amor” upon the ideologies that are menacing to destroy the person, like violent leftists ideologies, marxist ideologies, comunism, gender ideology and transgenderism ideology. As we become the living icon of God-Love we are called to be and as we plasmate our whole personal formation according to God’s vision, not according ideologies, we discover the trascendental purpose that God and His Love gives to our lives, we become gifts of the Holy Spirit, and so we learn how to live passionately a life of shared dreams, a life of shared giftedness, a life with objectives, goals and purposes that eventually, in a formative process that embraces the whole life, reach the God-given dream to every baptized: becoming together the saints we are called to be, the family of God we are called to be, the people of the light we are called to be, the best person we can be. If you want to call it this way, this would be the “coaching” part of Walking Like He Walked, because you need to imagine Jesus Charity as your creative mentor or creative coach as you let the Holy Spirit plasmate you as the living icon of God-Love you are called to be.

The sixth part would be completely transformed in the new version of “Walking Like He Walked”. In the original version, it is the story of Fiat Amor. In the new version of “Walking Like He Walked”, the sixth part would be devoted to the new fraternization, the Universal Declaration of Love (the Universal Declaration of Fraternal Rights) and the need to end the colonization era, that ends with the end of colonization in Puerto Rico, to start a new era of new fraternization in which everyone can walk as brothers and sisters, equals in dignity. The American Alliance can also be mentioned here as a project of new fraternization that embraces the whole Americas. The duty to plasmate a Nation of Love in which everyone can grow loved as a brother and a sister, everyone belonging to the same human family, is now the Fiat Amor of “Walking Like He Walked”. Ending all violation of human rights, of fraternal rights, of civil rights, is a duty of Love: all lives matter, all loves matter. Ending all kind of colonization, including ideological colonization, is a duty of love. Learning to walk together as brothers and sister who belong to the same homeland-family, were there are no second-class human beings, is a duty of love. All these duties of love are a necessary part of pursuing peace for everyone and ending this civil war that has lasted too long, in part due truth being denied. All these duties of Love are also part of living our faith as an incarnated faith, letting the Spirit work in us, plasmating us until becoming together the living icon of God Love we are called to be, the living sanctuary of God Love we are called to be.

The last part in the original text, the seventh part, is dedicated to the family evangelization project. This is the missionary part of the text, a call to action to everyone: how do we become the family of God we are called to be in order to let the Spirit plasmate us as the living icon of God-Love-with-us we are called to be, how do we become the living beacons of His Living Eucharist we are called to be? In this part new evangelization is deepened fully integrated with new humanization, with new eclessialization, with new fraternization, with new evangelization and with new familiarization. New evangelization is not an abstract term, nor the Gospel is abstract text: we are called to incarnate it as living and unique works of Love plasmated by the Spirit. As the original text asks: how do we radiate His light humanizing, ecclesializing, fraternizing, evangelizing and familiarizating? How do we consecrate to charity? How do we help each other to become living signs of God Love? How do we grow together as the family of God? How do we live the sacramental fraternity we are called to live as we make possible that everyone can grow as the brother and sister we are called to be? How do we “create home” as we radiate His light becoming the living stars of Heaven we are called to be to radiate His Love to the whole world?

The parts fourth and fifth could be joined eventually because both deal with the personal formation from the theological perspective, the difference is that one (part fourth) is done with theological [perspective only, applying personal formation theory dealt in the previous part, and the other one (part five) is done in the applied way, applying the theology of light (the theology of personal growth or personal formation according to the image and likeness of the Eucharist) artistically and as creative growth coaching… Good theology, for me, is not abstract, it is applied, that is why I think these two parts can be joined perfectly. If those two parts (part fourth and fifth) are joined, to complete the seven parts (a teleo) I would add another part that I think I did at some moment before and then I couldn’t include it here: I would make a chapter to integrate a little bit of the history and meaning of the concept of “person”, and how it has evolutionated until today, including the concept of human rights and human DNA as the foundation of personhood, not only the image and likeness to God (that too). This new part would be between the second and third part. It is especially important to have very clear the concept of person to understand the theology of light, because as His light is radiated it keeps incarnating, and then it becomes personal, as His light incarnates through time, it becomes us, and the creation keeps happening as we keep incarnating as the living work of God Love we are called to be, plasmated by the light of the Holy Spirit in the same way. I hope I just helped you to understand the connection between light and person, because it is essential to understand the theology of light.

All this, in brief words, would be the new sketch for the new text of “Walking Like He Walked: a theology of light”.

Writing a book like this one would be the adventure of a lifetime, not because writting it would be an awesome adventure of creativity and contemplation (yes, that too), but because all that I have written here are living words, words that I have lived and prayed and struggled to find. Yes, do you know the struggle of contemplating something and needing to find the best words to plasmate the meaning that you are contemplating? This book would be full of that struggle. This wouldn’t be just a book: it would be a living journey of faith made theology. Thus the tittle: “Walking Like He Walked: A Theology of Light”.

When this book is completed if would be a lifetime gift to share it as a humble step towards a better understanding of how to live Revelation deeper, and deeper and deeper, as the Living Church-Bride is called to do: to learn how to be more and more faithful to His Divine Husband and His charity alliance, until the end of the times. We do not live the faith today as the Church did in the Middle Ages, nor we should say tradition is something that impedes creativity. Creativity and tradition go hand by hand, making possible newer ways to live our faith, ways that are progresively more faithful to our Divine Husband’s memorial and paschal alliance. Any change that brings more faithfulness to the Divine Husband’s will is welcome! Of course, contemplating the personal formation as it is being done in this text is a huge change, and I welcome that change that is a gift from the Holy Spirit: creating something like that is beyond imagination, you need contemplation, His charisms and His action to do that, no one can do that by his or her own.

In the front part of the text it says a phrase that is handwritten: “We must share freely with our brothers the lights, the graces, which we have freely received. (From today’s spiritual reading, about apostolate)”. Although I don’t remember from exactly where I took that quote, it is probably from the book “The Soul of All Apostolate”. With that phrase I end this sketch: we are all called to give freely what we have been given freely, because all this, as I just said, is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Let’s everyone give freely what we are freely given by the Spirit, so we can learn together to walk better as He walked.

After all, that is our most fundamental call as disciples of light: to walk together as He walked, to walk as He walked… what eventually will have communitary effects: we will become not only the disciples of light we are called to be, but also the family of light we are called to be, the Church Light we are called to be and the Patria Luz we are called to be, pursuing together His family evangelization project, His revolution of light, His new era of new fraternization, His Order of Charity… loving as the Holy Family loved, becoming the family of light we are called to be. So, let’s be the light we are called to be and the world will be fired in God’s Love! 😊

A Thanksgiving Note

Hace algún tiempo que no escribo en el blog, así que hagamos una recapitulación de lo que nos corresponde dar gracias en este Thanksgiving. Hagamos un Thanksgiving Note.

Para empezar, en mis circunstancias, la primera cosa por la que debo dar gracias es por el tener un cerebro para pensar y escribir. No tengo ninguna patología neurológica que me impida expresar mis sentimientos, mis pensamientos, ni que me impida crear para hacer posible un mundo mejor para todos. 

Es decir: tras años de intoxicación de aire con gases tóxicos a bajo nivel (a veces, no tan bajo) en esta casa de torturas, intoxicación hecha con el expreso propósito de discapacitarme o de causarme una enfermedad grave como cancer cerebral… estoy funcionalmente intacta. No solo puedo pensar: puedo caminar, puedo memorizar (a mi forma), puedo estudiar temas que me interesan, puedo moverme con total control de movimiento, y sobre todo…

¡Puedo rezar, puedo adorar, puedo glorificar al Dios Amor que me ha dado todos estos talentos para Su gloria!

Hablando de talentos, esa es otra razón para dar gracias: todos estos talentos que he recibido para dar gloria a Dios Amor. De hecho, le escribí a Jesús Caridad una tarjeta de Thanksgiving dándole gracias por los talentos que me concedió para servir y amar: creatividad, talento intelectual, hospitalidad y acogida, problem solving, intuitive, amistad leal, visión contemplativa, sabiduría, responsabilidad, juventud, compromiso, alegría, ser artista, ser escritora, ser trabajadora, generosidad… todos esos talentos son Suyos, son para Su gloria…

Sin embargo, Jesús Caridad me dijo que olvidé un talento muy importante entre los que mencioné. 

Olvidé el talento de perdonar, de saber perdonar.

Lo dijo Él, no yo.

¿Qué puedo decir al respecto?

Todos saben que la crueldad en esta casa ha llegado a extremos inverosímiles. No solo me refiero a la intoxicación de aire y a forzarme a vivir en un gas chamber al estilo de Auschwitz. Nada más por eso debería tener secuelas permanentes que gracias a la sanación de Dios Amor (otro talento que Él dice que tengo, el talento de la sanación de corazón que también repercute en sanación física) no tengo. Como escribí al comienzo de este note, en estos momentos estoy funcionalmente intacta. Sí, siguen provocándome efectos secundarios con sus intoxicaciones (últimamente están jugando mucho con los efectos instestinales y de alergia nasal)… pero si, por ejemplo, voy a Costco, no me pasa nada, estoy totalmente bien. Quiero decir: todos los efectos secundarios que suceden se limitan a esta casa, al carro o al usar mascarillas que estaban en el carro, lo que significa que no hay secuelas permanentes de todos estos años de intoxicación de aire. Aun puedo salir de la casa y hacer una vida biológicamente normal, dentro de mis circunstancias de social slavery. 

Claro, no puedo comer bacon, tengo el colesterol muy alto, pero puedo ofrecer ese sacrificio por las nuevas vocaciones de la Iglesia. 😂 Es lo más llamativo de mis laboratorios: mi colesterol malo está en 135. El colesterol general está en 208, bajando. El otro subió, posiblemente por mi costumbre de comer bacon en el hamburger todos los días. No son grandes cosas las que estamos hablando aquí, esto se corrige con mejor nutrición. O sea: médicamente hablando, estoy totalmente funcional e independiente, cosa que es un auténtico milagro en mis circunstancias. Soy una proeza neurológica y pulmonar (mis pulmones también deberían tener algún daño por los años de exposición a gases tóxicos).

Justo al escribir esto acaban de provocarme vomitar a la fuerza. Lo han hecho muchas veces: de repente sientes náuseas, y no puedes contener el vómito segundos después, aunque a veces he aguantado hasta cinco minutos sin vomitar. Esta ves fueron unos treinta segundos de aguantar náuseas, no fue mucho. Acababa de comer el almuerzo/cena (no pude salir a almorzar, no me lo permitieron, la hermana progenitora se quedó en la cocina cuando sabía que yo iba a salir, así que la misma comida era almuerzo y cena a la misma vez) y me había tomado las últimas dos vivarín que me quedaban para poder escribir mejor (escribo mejor con cafeína, pero esa era poca, aunque igual me la tomé). 

Explico todos los detalles para que se entienda la extrema crueldad de la que estamos hablando aquí: no solo se trata de provocarte vomitar, sino que saben que esa es tu única comida con proteína en el día (era un Jimmy Deans) y que te estás tomando las únicas pastillas de cafeína que te quedan para poder escribir mejor… y entonces, te hacen vomitar todo.

Bueno… lo diré en palabras de Jesús Caridad, con toda Su ternura: “Elije lo que quieres vomitar, princesa del Cielo”. Explico sus palabras.

Se me está forzando a vomitar comida y cafeína, cosas que necesito para mi nutrición y para funcionar mejor intelectualmente, en teoría…

¿Pero voy a vomitar, como lo están haciendo ellos, odio y crueldad, dehumanización y desfraternización, violaciones de derechos humanos y tortura, una tras otra?

Sonreí a Jesús Caridad con el corazón al contemplar eso. Puestos a elegir, prefiero tener que ser forzada a vomitar la comida y la cafeína a vomitar todo el odio que se vomita a mi alrededor. 

[Mientras escribo esto están provocando runny nose. Estoy caminando para escribir concentrándome mejor, y el runny nose me obliga a detener el caminar para soplarme la nariz. Estoy escuchando “Te adoramos, Jesús”, de Athenas]. 

Así pues, hermanos, lo que hicieron mis hermanos torturadores, a los que perdono de todo corazón, solo añade belleza a este texto. 

[La hermana progenitora se pone a ver televisión a alto volumen mientras escribo esto. No la entiendo porque tengo música de adoración puesta].

Sí, perdono de todo corazón a mis torturadores (esto no lo hicieron mis progenitores y familiares solos), una y otra vez, no solo por la tortura a la que me han sometido a lo largo de 37 años, sino por la extrema crueldad y horror de su social slavery, el hecho de que yo misma no sabía que estaba siendo controlada socialmente y torturada con la intención explícita de provocárseme condiciones de salud —especialmente neurológicas y oncológicas— cuyo daño fuera irreversible y discapacitante. 

Sí, los perdono, porque aunque no pueda evita cuando intoxican el aire con lo que sospecho que es CO2 (los vómitos siempre han estado asociados a sintomatología que concuerda con intoxicación con monóxido de carbono, todo depende de la intensidad y el lugar que usen; hoy durante el día tuve somnolencia), soy absolutamente incapaz de vomitar odio, envidia o rencor. Really, el odio me parece una traición a la alianza de la caridad que Jesús Caridad me colocó en el dedo y en el corazón como sello. Soy incapaz de odiar, ni siquiera puedo odiar a las autoridades que han permitido esto abiertamente por los últimos 10 años.  

Ese es un punto importante a la hora de hablar de perdón, hermanos: hay que perdonar tanto a los torturadores como a las autoridades que lo han permitido. Esto que está sucediendo aquí ha sucedido de forma públicamente conocida por al menos diez años, y eso siempre ha sido lo más duro para mí: saber que todo este Auschwitz moderno fue conocido por todas las autoridades incluso antes de que yo misma fuera consciente de que estaba siendo intoxicada, y no solo nadie lo detuvo, sino que hicieron todo un juego de posts, tweets y app notifications para jugar a hacer falsas proyecciones en lugar de sencillamente hacer lo que se tiene que hacer en un estado de derecho. Todos sabemos que ha de hacerse en un estado de derecho: honrar los derechos humanos, reconocer la verdad ante violaciones de derechos humanos y arrestar a los violadores. 

O sea, no solo se trata de perdonar a los torturadores: se trata de perdonar también a todos los doctores, enfermeras, jueces, policías, trabajadores sociales, FBI… que debieron haber puesto fin a todas estas violaciones de derechos humanos desde hace muchísimo tiempo atrás, pero en lugar de detenerlas, decidieron también jugar con mi vida, de la misma forma que lo han hecho mis torturadores.

No es un perdón fácil, pero tampoco imposible. Sobre todo, porque en palabras de Jesús Caridad, tengo el talento de perdonar.

Él es un poco tramposo, hermanos. 😂 Lo pone como talento cuando realmente es una gracia: es Él quien da el corazón y la gracia para perdonar de este modo.

Lo de corazón lo digo muy literalmente. Los gases tóxicos que se acumulan en el cuarto disparan los latidos cardiacos, y no pocas veces me han provocado dolorosísimas arritmias por encima de los 160 latidos por minuto. O sea: si tengo corazón, es literalmente gracias a Jesús Caridad. 

Sí, hermanos, doy gracias a Jesús Caridad por el “talento” de perdonar, tanto a torturadores como a las autoridades que a lo largo de los años debieron detener esto y actuaron como cómplices o sencillamente jugaron con mi vida forzándome a permanecer donde se sabe perferctamente que vivo como esclava social (y como esclava médica, by the way: los hermanos progenitores pretenden controlar mi cuerpo como si fuera una marioneta, incluyendo el “supervisar” medicaciones forzadas y usar eso de excusa para no dejarme nunca sola en la casa, siempre hay uno de los dos en la casa para “supervisar” que me tome medicinas que sabemos que no necesito).

Los perdono a todos, sencillamente porque eso es lo que Jesús Caridad me ha enseñado, y por ello también doy gracias: por TODO lo que Jesús Caridad me ha enseñado… y por todo lo que me ha ayudado a sanar, y aún queda por ayudarme a sanar.

Ese es otro talento que Jesús Caridad dice que tengo: el don de la sanación del corazón, que también es sanación física. Es muy curioso que diga esto porque justo al escribir estas palabras el dolor físico de corazón que tenía cesó. O sea: literalmente estoy viviendo lo que Jesús Caridad dice. No es que yo me lo esté buscando, es que las circunstancias se dan de tal forma que literalmente vivo lo que dice.

Para quienes no lo sepan, les vuelvo a recordar: al yo contemplar la teología de la luz y el tema de la formación personal y de hacer familia humana, eclesial y civil según su plan… yo no sabía nada de lo que pasaba en esta casa. No sabía nada de lo que han hecho los hermanos progenitores a lo largo de la vida. Fue Jesús Caridad quien me regaló la teología de la luz y el modelo integractivo de la formación personal y la Sagrada Familia del Nuevo Albor para salvarme del horror que ha sucedido en esta casa a lo largo de mi vida, una vez fui consciente de ello. Créanme, no tenía la más mínima idea de lo que ha estado pasando en esta casa a lo largo de los años. Esta casa fue literalmente diseñada y construída para torturar, y aquí hay actividad ilícita compatible con narcotráfico. O sea: son narcs en doble sentido, narcisistas y narcotraficantes. Jamás me enteré, hasta que ya la crueldad llegó a extremos inverosímiles y fue evidente que se necesita un dineral para hacer lo que han hecho aquí a lo largo de los años. No digo “extremos ilícitos” porque lo que han hecho siempre ha sido ilícito, solo que a partir de cierto momento comenzaron a ser públicamente ilícitos (a partir del uso de hospitalizaciones forzadas via ley 408, cometiendo perjurio). 

Lo que han hecho solo confirma la veracidad de lo que Jesús Caridad me ha dado a contemplar. “Por sus frutos lo conoceréis”, dice el Evangelio. Pues bien: A mí Jesús Caridad me ha salvado en todas las formas que una persona pueda ser salvada. Mi propia vida es el fruto más hermoso de como el Amor de Dios es capaz de hacer nuevas todas las cosas, todos los corazones, toda la historia: después de todo el horror que he sobrellevado, el ser capaz de perdonar y sanar —y sanar a otros al compartir lo que comparto— no es solo un “talento”, sino también un regalo por el que doy gracias. 

Sí, como pueden notar, hay muchas razones por las cuales dar gracias. Todo este perdón y toda esta sanación es una gran ocasión de dar gracias. Toda esta transformación que trae Jesús Caridad para Puerto Rico y para toda América, emprendiendo juntos el camino de la nueva fraternización para poner fin a toda violación de derechos humanos sistémica en el continente, comenzando con acabar con el colonialismo en Puerto Rico, comenzando así una nueva era de nueva fraternidad que ponga fin a la era del colonialismo comenzada en el 1492… es una razón para dar gracias. Toda esta revolución de luz que emprendemos para hacer posible una sociedad luz donde todos puedan resplandecer como hermanos es una razón para dar gracias. 

Hace algún tiempo atrás contemplamos que se le debía dar la oportunidad a narcotraficantes a confesar sus crímenes y recibir una amnistía a cambio de que eligieran cambiar de vida y aceptaran un puesto de empleo como constructores del American Alliance… Ese sueño sigue en pie, también para los narcotraficantes que me rodean y que probablemente acabaron como narcotraficantes por falta de oportunidades. Allí donde se vaya a construir el American Alliance, denle la oportunidad a narcotraficantes de cambiar de vida, dándoles la oportunidad de un sustento y sueldo digno como constructores de las facilidades del American Alliance, que tomarán años en ser construídas. Eso sería vivir el sueño Americano según Jesús Caridad: dar opor unidades de crecimiento digno a absolutamente todos. 

¿Cual es el sueño Americano según Jesús Caridad? Construir una América donde todos, absolutamente todos, puedan convertirse en la mejor persona que puedan ser.  Para Jesús Caridad el sueńo americano no es meramente trabajar duro para tener unas poseciones o un status social: el sueño americano es trabajar duro haciéndolo todo de tal forma que te puedas convertir en la mejor persona que puedas ser, seas quien seas. 

¿Saben quienes son mis mejores maestros del sueño americano? Por supuesto, mis estudiantes, que también son mi mayor razón para dar gracias. Como todos saben, doy clases de inglés entre los grados PK-4. Pues yo de mis estudiantes aprendo día a día a que realmente todos tienen la oportunidad de crecer como la mejor persona que puedan ser. Realmente son muy ocurrentes en sus formas de aprender a crecer, y con la guía adecuada —que la tienen— serán todos grandes personas de bien. Desde muy temprano en la vida todos merecen las oportunidades de crecimiento que tienen mis estudiantes: una escuela en la que pueden desarrollarse como personas de bien, papás, mamás y abuelos que les cuidan y están al pendiente de ellos, espacios para jugar y crecer como la mejor persona que puedan ser con la ayuda de Dios Amor… Sí, doy clases en una escuela católica, así que Dios Amor es parte fundamental del crecimiento de mis estudiantes. Incluso, en mi clase han ido a rezar delante de la eucaristía. Este pasado 19 de noviembre —Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico y día de Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia— lo celebré regalándole a la Virgen un girasol por cada uno de mis estudiantes. Nuestra escuela es una escuela a la que definitivamente le faltan recursos, pero si se logra que haya una fundación que ayude a compensar la falta de recursos, lograremos que nuestros estudiantes tengan todas las oportunidades de crecimiento posibles…

Pero la verdad es que no solamente hay que lograrlo con ellos. En toda América hay estudiantes a los que les falta educación por falta de escuela. En Estados Unidos hay una grave crisis de falta de maestros —mi escuela no está excenta de esa crisis— por los bajos sueldos de los empleos de maestros y la falta de recursos para dar clases auténticamente enriquecedoras. Si algo he aprendido de mis propios estudiantes es que parte del sueño Americano es hacer posible una buena educación para todos los niños de América y Estados Unidos. En el caso de Estados Unidos, corresponde hacer una revolución de teaching funding a la que llamo Seeds Act. En el caso de toda América, tiene que haber un American Alliance que construya escuela en lugares de difícil acceso a la educación y que logre la equidad entre todos los niños americanos en términos de educación: que todos tengan las mismas oportunidades de educación, sin importar cuan pobres sean. Sí, eso es parte de hacer posible que todos crezcan como la mejor persona que puedan ser.

Voy a hacer una confesión. En mi instagram ojeo la página de la escuela Saint Johns, una escuela con mucha más matrícula y recursos que la escuela donde yo trabajo. La verdad es que nuestros estudiantes y maestros necesitan más recursos didácticos y eso puede resolverse… pero en el tema de la fe, nuestros estudiantes tienen un fundamento que nadie les puede quitar, dicho con todo respeto y admiración a St. Johns por todo lo bueno que hacen. Nuestros estudiantes tienen un sentido de trascendencia que solo una escuela católica puede dar. No estamos aquí para servirnos a nosotros mismos, sino para ser hermanos, ese es el mandamiento de Jesús. De hecho, es bastante común que mis estudiantes se llaman a sí mismos “hermanos” o “bro”. 

Por supuesto, también hace falta una revolución en el tema de la disciplina de las escuelas, introduciendo una disciplina pro-growth que en lugar de actuar solo cuando el estudiante haga algo malo (disciplina negativa), sea una disciplina pro-crecimiento, enfocada en lograr que el estudiante crezca según su mejor potencial, aprendiendo a determinar él mismo objetivos de crecimiento para que lo aprendido ej el salón no sea mera teoría, sino aprendizaje aplicado a la vida. Esto, aunque no lo crean, también me lo han enseñado mis propios estudiantes: la disciplina tradicional no sirve para ayudar a crecer y para cultivar el sueño Americano, sino que sirve para aterrorizar a estudiantes (respetan por temor, no por aprender a honrar al otro como hermano o como autoridad fraterna). Mis estudiantes me han preguntado si los veo como hijos, y les he dicho que los veo como hermanos pequeños a los que hay que ayudar a crecer (con humanidad, siempre respetando su dignidad personal y conforme a la tarea docente asignada). Entonces, si queremos un sistema educativo que haga posible el sueño Americano de Jesús Caridad, tenemos que hacer posible una disciplina enfocada en growing best, en lugar de solo enfocarse en behaving well. Necesitamos growers que cultiven una disciplina que haga posible que cada estudiante pueda afirmar: yes, we can grow best! Creo que no miento al decir que todas las escuelas necesitan una revolución en el tema de la disciplina, esto no es cuestión de una sola escuela, pero para aue esto pueda hacerse hay que hacerlo con data y rigor científico, aplicando tecnología y recursos humanos a lo que sería una profunda innovación educativa y psico-pedagógica. 

¿Cuántas escuelas puertorriqueñas se apuntan a la revolución pro-growth? Algo como esto sería una profunda innovación al sistema educativo de todo Estados Unidos, surgida en Puerto Rico.

Acabo de mencionar un solo ejemplo de los muchos que podría dar de otra cosa por la que solo puedo dar gracias: el como mis estudiantes me ayudan a descubrir más y más formas de irradiar nueva vida que resplandece en comunión. En el fondo, es al darnos que descubrimos nuevas formas de dar nueva que resplandece en el Amor… y de eso se trata celebrar Thanksgiving: celebrar juntos el como crecemos como familia humana, eclesial y civil según Su plan, creciendo juntos como hermanos en el Amor.

He visto en instagram otras escuelas (Baldwin, Tasis) que tienen comités de la ONU. Imagínense si con la coordinación de escuelas puertorriqueñas y colaboración de escuelas a lo largo del mundo se presenta a la ONU la propuesta de la Declaración Universal de Derechos Fraternos, mejor conocida como Declaración Universal de Amor: el afirmar como derecho fraterno el derecho de todo ser humano ancrecer en familia, incondicionalmente amado. Esto ya lo he mencionado otras veces, pero lo menciono ahora para que se entienda el nombre de “Declaración Universal de Amor”: ¿han notado que a la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos le falta la palabra “amor”? Grave omisión que hay que subsanar con la Declaración Universal del Amor, aplicando los derechos humanos de tal forma que sean derechos fraternos que garanticen que todos crezcan en familia, conforme a su dignidad.

¡Imaginen toda la nueva vida que irradiaría una declaración así! 

Eso es por lo que más doy más gracias: por cada oportunidad de irlo transformando absolutamente todo en irradiación de nueva vida que da el Amor.

Mi menú de Thanksgiving es simple: una pechuga de pavo de Costco, sweet potatoes también de Costco, cranberries frescas para hacer la salsa, también de Costco, un poco de vino de parcha de Costco… y pumpkin pie de Costco. Para hacer honor a Walmart, el bacon Oscar Mayer es de allí, tengo el colesterol alto y no puedo comprar los cuatro paquetes de bacon de Costco 😂. Todo lo que compré para hacer el coquito fue de Econo. 🙂 El gravy the turkey McCormick creo que lo compré en Amazon el año pasado. De appetizer tendré Tostitos con habichuelas refritas Old del Paso, me encantan los chips con habichuelas. Como Amazon puso 16 dólares de shipping a la pasta de estrellitas que quería comprar para Thanksgiving, no la pude comprar, así que no hay pasta. 😡 En fin, será una comida sencilla, compartida con los peludos y llena de encanto y agradecimiento.

Hablando de Costco, con un poco de suerte en el Black Friday paso por allí y me llevo una savy but mighty laptop, que cueste entre 350 a 425. Sino, ya tengo una vista en Amazon. Con esa laptop trabajaré en la teología de la luz en diciembre. Ese es otro gran ejemplo de como todo puede ser transformado en irradiación de nueva vida en el Amor: al contemplar la teología de la luz y el modelo de formación personal integractivo, como ya dije, no tenía ni idea de lo que estaba sucediendo aquí… ni en mis computadoras (han hackeado todas mis computadoras y devices con propósitos de sabotaje intelectual y control social). Eso también ha quedado transformado en una hermosa irradiación de nueva vida que resplandece en comunión: todo una nueva teología que hace uso de la tecnología a lo Carlo Acutis, especialmente la tecnología de Apple, que es la que más uso. Sí: podemos ser apóstoles también en los blogs —como estoy haciendo ahora— y en las redes sociales. También con la tecnología se puede irradiar nueva vida que resplandece en comunión.

De todo este viaje en este año he aprendido a confiar más en Jesús Caridad, que me ha salvado en todas las formas posibles… y doy gracias por siempre poder confiar en Él y tener la conciencia de aue Su Amor es siempre gratuito, incondicional y para todos. ¡No hay mayor esclavitud que creer que el Amor se gana! Seamos libres, hermanos, al menos en el Amor. Vivamos para darnos, para amar como Él nos ama, para caminar como Él camina, para darnos como Él nos enseña a dar, consagrándonos más y más a vivir la caridad de tal forma que consumemos más y más Su obra viva de Amor, Su obra salvífica. Como dice el Catecismo: “Catecismo 2637: La acción de gracias caracteriza la oración de la Iglesia que, al celebrar la Eucaristía, manifiesta y se convierte cada vez más en lo que ella es. En efecto, con la obra de salvación, Cristo libera a la creación del pecado y de la muerte para consagrarla de nuevo y devolverla al Padre, para su gloria.“ O sea: mientras más gracias damos, más nos parecemos a Cristo, pues Él lo transforma todo en Eucaristía viva cuando no dejamos de dar gracias como Él las da, siendo más y más creativos a la hora de plasmar las enseñanzas de la Palabra, del Concilio Vaticano II, del Magisterio y la Tradición…

Demos gracias, pues, por el don de ser don, por el don de hacer vida Su consagración, Su Eucaristía viva… Seamos agradecidos por el don de darnos como la Palabra siempre presente que somos llamados a ser, como la Palabra siempre encarnada que somos llamados a ser, siempre creciendo más y más, convirtiéndonos más y más en lo que somos llamados a ser, ¡creciendo como la mejor persona que podamos ser!

Como dicen mis estudiantes, y la puerta de mi salón: yes, we can grow best! 🙂

Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia, ¡ruega por nosotros! Gracias por el don de sanar la historia puertorriqueña, predicando con Palabra viva de tal forma que todo se convierte en irradiación de luz, en irradiación de nueva vida que resplandece en el Amor, incluyendo el terrorismo ideológico y las violaciones de derechos humanos… transformando todo en nueva vida en el Amor, transformando todo de la misma forma que Jesús Caridad pide que se le adore como Dios Amor transformando el 14 de febrero en el día del Divino Amor y la Divina Fraternidad, en la Solemnidad de Jesús Caridad, celebrando como Iglesia el don de vivir una fe que encarna el Amor, celebrando juntos el don de vivir un Amor que encarna el Amor de Dios…

¡Happy Thanksgiving 2022 a todos! ¡No dejemos de dar gracias por la vida nueva que se nos da para transformarlo todo en irradiación de luz, en irradiación de Eucaristía viva, en irradiación de nueva vida en el Amor! 

Let’s keep growing and loving… and eating! 🙂

We Have A Dream

[Comenzado el 11 de Mayo]

Toda América ha sido llamada, desde sus inicios, a resplandecer como una gran familia de pueblos americanos, caminando juntos como hermanos y hermanas iguales, libres, amados, plenos, felices, santos, dignos… cada cual llamado a irradiar un new fraternity spark que nadie más podrá irradiar. Todos hemos sido convocados por nuestro Creador, por Dios Amor-con-nosotros, a sentarnos juntos alrededor del mismo fuego, de una misma fogata de nueva fraternización, tomados de la mano, contando las historias de nuestras culturas, de nuestro Pueblo Americano, de nuestros pueblos que caminan juntos en nueva vida que viene del Amor… 

De la misma forma que en su momento existieron cantares de gesta, cantares que contaban proezas épicas, nosotros en América tenemos nuestros “fuegos de gesta”, en los cuales nuestros ancestros crepitan como luz viva mientras tranmitimos la historia viva de nuestros pueblos, la cultura viva de nuestros pueblos, sus luchas y sus victorias, de como nos hemos convertido en el pueblo-familia del nuevo albor que somos hoy. Sí, estos son “fuegos de gesta”, porque alrededor de estas fogatas se gesta la América que somos llamados a ser, una América familia donde todos, absolutamente todos, podemos resplandecer como la luz viva que somos llamados a ser, como las estrellas del Cielo que somos llamados a ser, como la irradiación de nueva vida que somos llamado a ser.

Sí, nosotros en América tenemos nuestro propio estilo de cantares épicos, un nuevo cantar de nueva vida. En América no tenemos juglares: tenemos fraternizers, en todos nuestros pueblos, desde los comienzos de nuestra historia como Nuevo Mundo. Si se contempla nuestra memoria a lo largo de los siglos, siempre hubo fraternity sparks en nuestra historia, destellos de nueva fraternidad en lo que sin duda fue un cruento y turbulento encuentro de culturas.

La gestación del Nuevo Mundo al que damos a luz en nuestros días no ha carecido de grandísimos dolores de partos. Desde el comienzo de nuestra historia, incluso previo a nuestro descubrimiento como nuevo continente, el derrmamiento de sangre ha sido atroz. Entre las culturas ya existentes se practicaban los sacrificios humanos, pero el proceso mismo de colonización de las Américas supuso un cruentísimo sacrificio humano, el genocidio más grande que haya conocido la historia de la humanidad: de una población de entre 45 a 110,000 millones de habitantes previo al descubrimiento de América, la inmensa población indígeno-Americana quedó reducida a la extinción, ya fuera por enfermedades traídas por los colonizadores, ya fuera por la esclavitud a la que eran sometidos, o ya fuera por el horrendo trato cruel al que eran sometidos [también hubo suicidios en masa entre indígenas]. La sangre de los sobrevivientes de esta masacre cultural es la sangre que hoy corre por nuestras venas Americanas, tras surgir a borbotones el mestizaje cultural. Luego comienza la primera revolución, la de Estados Unidos, y tras ella el resto de guerras de independencia a lo largo del resto del continente, con todo el derramamiento de más sangre que todo ello implicó. Tampoco se ha de olvidar el derramamiento de sangre de nuestros hermanis africanos, cuya sangre también corre por nuestras venas mulatas Americanas. Finalmente, los borbotones de otro bloodsheds comienzan a sugir: el bloodshed de hermanos latinoamericanos siendo colonizados económicamente por Estados Unidos, el bloodshed de la falta de oportunidades de crecimiento allí donde la inequidad es atroz, el bloodshed del aborto de niños en el vientre materno cuya dignidad ha sido sistemáticamente negada, creando así nuevas formas de esclavitud… pues allí donde hay colonización, siempre será necesario que haya esclavos.

En todo este derramamiento de sangre a lo largo de toda América, desde Alaska hasta Argentina; desde el extremo más oriental de Brazil hasta el estrecho de Bering, punto más occidental del continente Americano… hay consistentemente un mismo factor en común: el uso de métodos colonizantes que incitan a la dominación cultural via derramamiento de sangre… incluso cuando ese derramamiento de sangre no sea siempre sangre que brota de nuestras venas, en el sentido literal. Hay muchas formas de hacer sangrar a un pueblo. El mero hecho de intentar culturizar los sacrificios humanos, tal cual se pretende hacer al no reconocer la dignidad del niño no nacido a los que abortan a mansalva… es en sí mismo un derramamiento de sangre, pero también se desangra a un pueblo al no hacer posible que nuestros niños tengan acceso a sistemas educativos y a recursos de apoyo social que hagan posible que puedan crecer hasta convertirse en la mejor persona que puedan ser. 

[Mayo 12]

Hermanos todos, este derramamiento de sangre masivo que ha traido la colonización en este Nuevo Mundo debe detenerse, tanto en todos los pueblos de América Continental, como en todos los pueblos que conforman el gran “We the People” de Estados Unidos, a la que en inglés se le conoce como “American Nation”. No está mal llamarla de ese modo: es la primera de las naciones americanas en emprender su revolución… pero ahora hablamos de otro tipo de revolución: ahora nos toca emprender a todos, como una gran familia Americana, un dreamfull revolution que no solo ha de abarcar nuestro propio continente. Eventualmente, esta dreamfull revolution va a abarcar al mundo entero, plasmando así juntos el Nuevo Mundo que toda la humanidad es llamada a ser, la nueva civilización del Amor que somos llamados a ser, caminando juntos como los hermanos y hermanas que hemos sido creados para ser, como el dreamfull family que somos llamados a ser, todos, conforme a la dignidad dada por el Creador a absolutamente todo ser humano. 

En el momento de la “Conquista de América” la humanidad no sabía de mejores formas para crear encuentro de culturas. En ese momento, los colonizadores hicieron lo que era esperado según las circunstancias socio-culturales en Europa: dominar culturalmente, en lugar de crear comunión entre culturas. Sí, siempre ha habido fraternal sparks a lo largo de nuestra historia como Nuevo Mundo, pero ahora, ya mo basta con hablar de fraternal sparks: ahora hay que hablar de fraternal fires, de fogatas en las que resplandece y crepita nueva vida que resplandece en comunión conforme a nuestra propia identidad cultural como americanos, siguiendo un nuevo camino propio de la sangre que ebulle en nuestras venas, sangre en la que laten, lireralmente laten, todas esas estrellas que resplandecen en este firmamento encendido: millones de estrellas de los ancestros fraternos de nuestros pueblos cuyo legado vivo hace posible que estemos aquí, en este momento de la historia, transformándolo absolutamente todo, también todo derramamiento de sangre acontecido a lo largo de esta era de colonización, en irradiación de nueva vida que resplandece en más y más comunión, gestando una nueva América, un nuevo Mundo, siguiendo el legado cultural de nuestros ancestros indígenas: junto al fuego, reunidos en la misma fogata de nueva fraternización siendo cada cual el spark de luz viva, el spark de nueva vida, que transforme allí donde esté todo cuanto en su cultura no sea compatible con cultivar una cultura de nueva vida en la que todos puedan crecer como hermanos y hermanas iguales, como la familia americana que somos todos llamados a ser como hermanos y hermanas que crecen juntos en comunión.

Esto ya es, esencialmente, una nueva “identidad constitucional americana”, una nueva identidad constitucional propia de todo continente Americano como American Alliance: el orden de la caridad, el propósito común como Pueblo Americano y como Continente Americano de cultivar juntos nueva fraternizacion, asumiendo como orden civil máximo el vivir la caridad como nos corresponde hacerlo: haciendo posible que anbsolutamente todos puedan resplandecer como los hermanos y hermanas que son llamados a ser. ¿Qué quiere decir eso de “orden civil máximo”? Expliquemos lo que Jesús Caridad quiere decir con esto.

En todo ordenamiento constitucional siempre habrá unos “mínimos” a cumplir. Por ejemplo: se ha de reconocer incondicionalmente la personalidad —el ser persona— de todos, con todos los deberes y responsabilidades que ello conlleva por parte del estado, como por ejemplo lo es el reconocer incondicionalmente y constitucionalmente los derechos humanos, fraternos y civiles de absolutamente todo ciudadano, from womb to bloom. No hay forma de construir una nación fraternizante si no se comienza erradicando constitucionalmente toda inequidad sistémica, y negar sistémicamente el derecho a la vida y la personalidad de los niños no nacidos es un ejemplo actual de “inequidad sistémica” legalizada. No es ni de cerca la única inequidad que nos toca erradicar como continente Americano. Hay países, como México, en los cuales la inequidad económica entre sus propios ciudadanos es un auténtico bloodshed en sí mismo: millones de niños expuestos a conduciones de extrema pobreza que impiden su crecimiento pleno. Eso, hermanos, también es abortar a un niño, aunque no se use un método quirúrgico o farmacológico para este tipo de aborto. Negar a nuestros niños y ciudadanos iguales oportunidades de crecimiento, permitiendo inequidad sistémica del tipo que sea (en este caso, socioeconómica), permitiendo discrimen sistémico o segregación sistémica por la razón que sea… tiene otro nombre: aborto social. Cuando eso sucede, incluso cuando el niño o el ciudadano ya ha nacido, se le “aborta socialmente” al negarle socialmente las oportunidades que le corresponde recibir como un ciudadano igual de la sociedad (pueblo) a la que pertenece. Cuando el aborto social sucede, el “We the people” de nuestra constitución no incluye exactamente a todos por igual… No sé si no lo sabían, pero también se puede abortar a un niño ya nacido, incluso ya crecido, si se le niegan sociológicamente las oportunidades de crecimiento que le corresponde tener como ciudadano igual de la nación de la que es ciudadano. Otro grave ejemplo que puede considerarse un aborto social es las paupérrimas condiciones en las que suelen estar las escuelas en las zonas más pobres del Continente Americano, como por ejemplo, las escuelas de las comunidades guaraníes en Paraguay, y en comunidades indígenas a lo largo de toda América. Otro ejemplo de aborto social, ahora hablando de Estados Unidos, es el hecho de que de facto se sige tolerando segregación en sus escuelas: si la escuela está en un distrito donde solo residen hispanos, y resulta que el sistema de educación pública estadounidense te obliga a recibir educación pública solamente en la escuela de tu distrito… el resultado es que tendrás escuelas públicas con 90%, o incluso más, de estudiantes que son solamente latinos. Puede pasar lo mismo si la escuela se encuentra en un distrito donde la inmensa mayoría de los estudiantes sea de raza negra y estos estudiantes no tengan más opción para recibir su educación que asistir a la escuela de su propio distrito escolar. También hay otra forma de segregación fomentada por este tipo de sistema: la segregación socioeconómica. Estudiantes que viven en un mismo distrito tendrán mayormente un mismo tipo de family income, y como resultado tendrás escuelas con más del 90% o más de la población bajo el índice de pobreza, no habrá diversidad socioeconómica en esa escuela porque para empezar las escuelas de distritos más pobres tienen menos recursos, así que ningún estudiante de zonas cercanas con más recursos querrá estar en esa escuela con menos recursos, y además si un estudiante que vive en una zona más pobre quiere pedir la oportunidad de matrícula en una escuela con más recursos, usualmente ubicada en una zona donde el family income media es más alto que la de su propio distrito, le negarán la matrícula porque no se le permitirá matricularse en el distrito en el no que le corresponde by address. Ese es otro tipo de aborto, no exactamente meramente social: ahora hablamos de aborto sociocultural, cuando una forma de aborto social se asume como “normalidad cultural” del sistema social donde exista. Otro tipo de aborto socio-cultural puede ser la realidad de las favelas en Brazil: se asume que es una normalidad cultural tener a ciudadanos vulnerables, incluyendo a los niños que viven en esas favelas, expuestos a esas conduciones de pobreza extrema, y hecho de forma sistémica. Que quede claro: tanto el aborto social como el aborto sociocultural no aplican solamente a los niños, puede aplicar a absolutamente todo ciudadano al que se le niegen sistémicamente oportunidades iguales de crecimiento en comunión. O sea: también es aborto social abandonar a ancianos a su suerte, sin brindarles el apoyo social necesario para vivir una ancianidad digna.

O sea: en toda sociedad civil siempre habrá, constitucionalmente, unos mínimos a cumplir, como los que acabo de explicar… ¿pero que sucede si también afirmamos como “identidad constitucional americana” el máximo que somos llamados a cumplir como ciudadanos americanos, sea donde sea que estemos, seamos quienes seamos, sea lo que sea en que trabajemos o sea lo que sea que hagamos para aportar al crecimiento más pleno de nuestra nación?  Todos tenemos bastabte claros el “mínimo deber” de todo ciudadano: cumplir la ley, obey the rule of law. Entonces, ¿qué sucede si en lugar de solo hablar de mínimos, también hablamos de máximos como parte de la identidad que nos constituye como Americanos? ¿Qué sucede si en lugar de educar a nuestros niños meramente para cumplir mínimos, para obedecer la ley, los educamos tambiém para aprender a aspirar y lograr su máximo crecimiento como personas, cada cual aportando como ciudadano de bien al pleno crecimiento de su nación al crear comunión social viva, al crear fraternidad social viva eligiendo vivir la caridad allí donde esté, sea cual sea la edad que tenga, actuando en todo momento de tal forma que, haga lo que haga, esté haciendo posible una sociedad más fraternizante con eso que haga? Eso que Jesús Caridad llama “orden social máximo” es el orden de la caridad: no solamente se trata de obrr socialmente cumpliendo con las leyes correspondientes, sino que también se trata de obrar en todo momento como ciudadanos que hacen lo que hacen de tal forma que al hacerlo crezcen como la mejor persona que puedan ser, haciendo posible con su actuar una sociedad más y más fraternizante, actuando más y mas en orden a la caridad, en orden a hacer posible que todos en nuestra sociedad puedan crecer como los hermanos y hermanas iguales que todos somos llamados a ser. 

La palabra “caridad” se suele malentender como dar una limosna, dar la caridad es como dar algo que nos sobra para ayudar a alguien que lo necesita. Cuando se habla de “obras de caridad” se suele interpretar exclusivamente como dar cosas materiales a los más pobres entre nosotros. Ese no es exactamente el sentido que Jesús Caridad da a la expresión “vivir la caridad”. Vivir la caridad, desde Su visión, está más relacionado a vivir la justicia dando a cada cual lo que le corresponda para vivir dignamente, como el hermano y hermana igual que todos somos llamados a ser. Ojo: esto no significa exactamente darle absolutamente todo a los pobres. A algunos ciudadanos, los más vulnerables entre nosotros, habrá que darles un apoyo social más extraordinario para hacer posible que puedan existir socialmente conforme a la dignidad que tienen como ciudadanos iguales. Por ejemplo: un niño parapléjico necesitará muchísima más ayuda social que un niño extremadamente pobre, pero capaz de aprender a valerse por sí mismo dignamente si se le brindan los recursos educativos necesarios. Hacer posible la equidad en oportunidades de crecimiento no siempre significará dar exactamente lo mismo a todos, ni debe interpretarse de ese modo. Equidad en oportunidades de crecimiento significa el dar a cada cual lo que corresponda dar para hacer posible que pueda crecer allí donde está como el hermano o hermana digno que ha sido creado para ser, como la luz de nueva vida que es llamodo a ser. Al entender esto es muy importante entender el sentido de vivir la caridad como orden social máximo: en todo momento se actuará de tal forma que se haga posible que cadw cual reciba lo que le corresponda recibir para ser reconocido socialmente como un ciudadano con igualdad de derecho. En algunas instancias, la mayoría, esto significará facilitar mejores recursos educativos para todos los niños, brindando más recursos en las zonas más pobres, donde nueestros niños necesitarán más recursos para florecer como ciudadanos luz, como ciudadanos de bien. En la mayoría de las instancias esto significará también no meramente dar “donaciones de caridad” a los pobres, sino brindar una formación humana y profesional competente que haga posible que los ciudadanos socioeconómicamente más vulnerables puedan sustentarse a sí mismos dignamente, en lugar de depender de ayudas sociales del estado para su subsistencia. 

Por supuesto, el aplicar el vivir la caridad como orden social máximo también implica un claro cambio en el “estilo americano” de hacer negocios: ya no solo importan los net profits, sino la aportación social —el social profit— de ese negocio, pues todo social profit ha de estar ordenado, de una u otra forma, a hacer posible que absolutamente todos puedan resplandecer como los hermanos y hermanas iguales que son que somos llamados a ser. El capitalismo feroz ha de dar paso a un capitalismo humanista que no solamente tome el cuenta el net profit, sino también el social profit que corresponde a cada negocio asumir como parte de su quehacer humano como empresa: hacer posible una sociedad en la que absolutamente todos puedan crecer en comunión, como los hermanos y hermanas dignos que todos somos llamados a ser. Este capitalismo atroz es el que hizo posible la “colonización económica” ejercida por negocios estadounidense en territorios latinoamericanos, contratando a trabajadores latiniamericanos en condiciones indignas, sin asumir ningún tipo de responsabilidad social fraternizante en su estilo de hacer negocios. Pueden llamar a este tipo de capitalismo “capitalismo fraterno” si quieren. Sea como sea que lo llamen, está claro que todo negocio ha de tener una responsabilidad social que cumplir con sus social profits, comenzando con cumplir su primera responsabilidad social, la responsabilidad social con los empleados de su propia empresa: dar salarios justos y competitivos a esos trabajadores, dar los beneficios sociales —plan médico, seguridad social, vacaciones pagas— que corresponda dar para hacer posible una vida digna a esos trabajadores, pudiendo sostener diganmente a sus familias con el fruto del trabajo de sus manos, de su quehacer profesional ejercido honradamente; tomar medidas para fomentar la compatibilidad entre vida familiar y vida profesional, sin que la empresa asuma que “el mejor empleado” será el que más se dedique enteramente a la empresa, relegando o incluso abandonando sus deberes sociales respecto a la familia que le espera en casa tras trabajar… A toda empresa le corresponde hacer también un compromiso fraternizante: hacer posible con sus social profits, tanto para sus empleados como para quienes sirve iguales oportunidades de crecimiento que hagan posible que absolutamente todos puedan crecer como los hermanos y hermanas que somos llamados a ser. 

Si realmente aspiramos a vivir en una sociedad de máximo crecimiento, en un bloomfull society, en un dreamfull society… tenemos que asumir como sacred fraternal duty el hacer resplander juntos más y más esta llamarada de nueva fraternidad, encendiendo más y más nueva fraternización que haga posible que el sueño Americano pueda resplandecer en toda América.

¿Cual es este sueño Americano?

We have a dream: that we can grow, glow and bloom as equal brothers and sisters in an American society where everyone can choose to become the best person we can be, the stars of Heaven we can be, the unique light we are all called to be.

Sin embargo, mientras permanezcamos en la era de la colonización, este sueño es imposible de realizar. Mientras no erradiquemos todo tipo de aborto de nuestras sociedades, de tal forma que hagamos posible que se reconozca incondicionalmente la dignidad de todos, nuestro sueño Americano no podrá consumarse, y el derramamiento de sangre que comenzó con la colonización seguirá sucediendo. La colononización es un atentado a la fraternidad que nos impide progresar como la democracia de nueva vida que somos llamados a ser, una democracia ordenada a afirmar incondicionalmente los derechos humanos, fraternos y civiles de absolutamente todos como hermanos y como ciudadanos de bien. En algunos lugares, como en Puerto Rico, la colonización política sigue sucediendo, sea en forma de colonización constitucional (nuestra constitución puertorriqueña de hecho perpetúa la violación de derechos humanos de todos los puertorriqueños, perpetuando que seamos ciudadanos de Estados Unidos que no tienen acceso a igualdad de derechos y deberes respecto al resto de ciudadanos de la nación) o en forma de dictadura política, tal cual sucede en los países de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba. Realmente esta última forma de colonización es la más común actualmente: la colonización ideológica, el colonizar ideológicamente al pretender imponer una ideología a la fuerza, con violencia social, con terrorismo social, incluso con tortura y con explotación infantil y todo tipo de aborto… Ejemplos de colonización ideológica de tipo no-político lo son la ideología de género, las ideología de izquierda radical que imponen su odio con violencia social y riots, y la ideología transgénero (ay de quien se atreva a cuestionar la ideología transgénero/LGTB en nuestros días, la movida le saldrá cara, pregúntenle al panadero cristiano de Colorado que fue demandado por su propio gobierno sencillamente por vivir su fe… pero incluso sin llegar al extremo de demandas legales, se tiene que reconocer que a una persona pro-vida o pro-familia sacramental se le discriminará constantemente de facto por su visión cristiana). 

Sí, la colonización se sigue practicando en América, y hasta que no encontremos formas de entendernos como hermanos, hasta que no nos propongamos acabar con todo tipo de colonización, tanto política como ideológicas, y emprender una nueva era de nueva fraternización que haga posible que todos crezcamos como hermanos y hermanas iguales… no podremos consumar el sueño Americano que somos llamados a realizar juntos, dejándos transformar en el dreamfull society que somos llamados a ser. Por supuesto, acabar con la era de la colonización también supondrá acabar con el social order propio de la colonización: la esclavitud, sea esclavitud social, como la que sufren en estos momentos los niños no nacidos, o la esclavitud como trata humana. Que se sepa, en estos momentos en América la esclavitud racial y la segregación racial están legalmente prohibidas… pero todos lo sabemos: el racismo sigue lacerando la fraternidad en América. Muy de la mano a la esclavitud está el aborto: la negación de la vida, en cualquiera de las versiones de esta negación, desde el aborto gestacional (de niños no nacidos) como el aborto social y por supuesto, el aborto cultural, el abortar a toda una cultura. De hecho, la colonización en sí misma funciona como aborto cultural: las culturas, en lugar de encontrarse una con la otra, se desangran una a la otra, hasta una dominar a la otra via violencia social. Esto se ve muy claro en lo que está sucediendo a mi alrededor: en  la colonización de ideologías nacionalistas que pretenden abortar a la cultura de todo un pueblo sencillamente porque nadie está dispuesto a definir su vida social de acuerdo a parámetros de odio y de terror, tal cual pretenden normalizar el movimiento nacionalista-terrorista que en estos momentos, mientras escribo esto, me mantiene secuestrada… pero para que esto sucediera, hubo una retahila de corrupción de servidores públicos que lo permitieron a lo largo de los años. 

Este proyecto de nueva fraternización es un sueño común de toda América, nuestro sueño Americano: dejar atrás todo tipo de colonización y emprender juntos una nueva era de nueva fraternización, caminando juntos como hermanos, creciendo juntos como familia de pueblos americanos que crecen juntos en comunión, como Alianza Americana. 

[Viernes, 13 de Mayo]

Que quede claro: colonización, aborto y esclavitud van de la mano. Para dejar atrás todo tipo de colonización de tal forma que podamos emprender esta nueva era de nueva fraternización… es necesario dejar atrás no solo todo tipo de colonización política, sino también todo tipo de colonización ideológica: toda ideología nacionalista, toda ideología anticonceptiva, toda ideología cristiana [sí, la fe puede convertirse también en ideología, y también es un peligro cuando eso sucede], toda ideología marxista, toda ideología comunista… toda ideología que nos impida contemplarnos con visión fraternizante. No está mal tener diferentes puntos de vista y diferentes perspectivas políticas y culturales… pero cuando se pierde el principio de fraternidad, cuando se pierde la llamada a servir al bien común —sea desde la perspectiva político-cultural que sea— de tal forma que todos puedan crecer en nuestra sociedad como los hermanos que somos llamados a ser… se comienza a hablar de colonización ideológica, no de fraternización. 

¿Acaso no hemos tenido suficientes ejemplos en nuestro continente Americano de lo tóxico que es insistir en colonizarnos los unos a otros, en lugar de aprender a fraternizarnos los unos a otros? ¿Acaso el genocidio de tantos pueblos indígenas no es razón suficiente para honrar su legado ancestral emprendiendo nuevos caminos de encuentro cultural entre nuestros pueblos, encuentros que hagan posible el crecimiento en comunión para todos, que todos puedan crecer dignamente, como los hermanos y hermanas que nuestro Creador nos ha llamado a ser?

La colonización de América se emprendió también como “nueva evangelización” del nuevo continente… pero ni nuestra Madre del Nuevo Albor ni Jesús Caridad jamás quisieron que esta “nueva evangelización” se llevara a cabo de esta forma. Desde principios de la colonización Dios Amor, y especialmente de la mano de nuestra Madre del Cielo, han buscado cuidar de los más vulnerables en el continente Americano, buscando detener todo tipo de sacrificio humano y afirmar la dignidad de nuestros hermanos indígenas cuya sangre hoy bulle en nuestras venas… Ese sueño de Dios Amor para nuestro continente, sueño que comenzó con la llegada del primer obispo a América, se cumple ahora, con la llamada de Jesús Caridad a emprender juntos una nueva fraternización. Para que se entienda el contexto de lo que estoy queriendo decir: esta servidora, este altar doméstico vivo, está escribiendo estas palabras desde el territorio eclesiástico que recibió al primer obispo en toda América. De hecho, nuestra Madre del Nuevo Albor ha dado otra explicación también: ella ha elegido la zona del Caribe para manifestarse de esta forma porque alrededor de toda la zona del Caribe fue la zona más poblada de indígenas a los comienzo de la Colonización, así que ella eligió comenzar a darse a conocer tal cual se está dando a conocer aquí donde hubo más indígenas. Desconozco la población de indígenas en absolutamente tooooooooodo el Caribe, pero en Puerto Rico sí que hubo una gran población de taínos —lamentablemente hoy extintos—, considerando el momento histórico del que hablamos. Aquí donde el bloodshed colonizador ha sido más cruento desde principios de la colonización, aquí ella eligió venir a pisarle la cabeza a la serpiente del fratricidio y del odio en sus tierras, y resplandecer como la Luna unida a la luz del Sol Naciente en ella (el girasol en su vientre también es un Sol Naciente, si ven la obra Fiat Amor entenderán visualmente lo que quiero decir) que hace posible la unidad cultural fraternizante de toda América, resplandeciendo juntos como el ícono vivo de Dios Amor que somos llamados a ser, como hermanos que se fraternizan unos a otros como la dreamfull family que somos llamados a ser.

No es casualidad que esté escribiendo esto que estoy escribiendo el día de la Virgen de Fátima, considerando también el contexto social en que lo estoy escribiendo: en estos momenros estoy en un cuarto del que puedo salir menos de media hora al día, esclavizada, literalemente, por narcotraficantes y terroristas nacionalistas que están pretendiendo impedir nuestro progreso como pueblo-familia del nuevo albor, como estado del nuevo albor, pretendiendo destruir y mutilar absolutamente toda nueva vida a su paso, incluyendo a los niños a los que explotan y sacrifican socialmente —abortan socialmente— de la misma forma que ya se hacían sacrificos humanos en América al momento de la colonización. Mientras Jesús Caridad nos llama a una nueva fraternización, tenemos terroristas sociales y asesinos a sangre fría emprendiendo también una nueva esclavización via colonización ideológica. Estoy forzada a permanecer donde se me tortura, explota y denigra, literalmente, las 24 horas del día… tal cual sucedió con tantos indios y esclavos cuya sangre también corre por mis venas. Lo opuesto a ser familia es ser esclavos, y toda colonización, también las colonizaciones ideológicas, necesitan esclavos [a quienes se les considera no-seres humanos] para funcionar como estructura social. Los mismos errores comeridos a lo largo de la colonización de América se siguen repititiendo a lo largo de nuestra historia continental… y es Jesús Caridad mismo quien nos pide detener todo este derramamiento de sangre con este proyecto de nueva fraternización, acabando con la era de colonización para emprender una nueva era de nueva fraternización. Aunque tenemos precedentes sólidos que indican que Dios Amor puede dar un envío o una misión que tenga claras repercusiones políticas, como la historia de Juana de Arco, no es en lo absoluto común que Dios Amor manifieste una “misión” o “proyecto social” que tengan repercusiones explícitamente políticas. Incluso Dios Amor respeta la debida separación de Iglesia y Estado… so, ¿porqué Jesús Caridad está proponiendo ahora a toda América emprender este sueño Americano, esta nueva fraternización? 

Esta respuesta es muy sencilla de entender si se entiende el contexto histórico de la colonización de América: el genocidio indígena y el fratricidio colonial que se consumó como parte de la colonización de América fue justificado en su momento como “nueva evangelización”, como si hubiera sido Dios el que ordenara el aniquilamiento y esclavización de seres humanos de una nueva cultura, de una cultura distinta… y es Él mismo Quien está corrigiendo el error que fue cometido en Su nombre: Dios Amor nunca llama a matar inocentes ni a cometer fratricidio, ni a cometer terrorismo o esclavización de ningún tipo contra quienes sean de una cultura distinta… Dios Amor, que nos contempla a todos como hermanos, al llamar a evangelizar, siempre llamará a emprender una nueva fraternización de la mano a esa nueva evangelización. Los católicos no somos quienes para imponer nuestra fe, como se hizo con la población nativa de América: nuestra llamada cristiana es a hacer posible que todos puedan crecer como los hermanos y las hermanas plenos, felices, iguales, que somos llamados a ser, haciendo posible la nueva fraternización de pueblos y culturas… y entre esos hermanos que reciban, como obra y gracia del Espíritu, la llamada a la conversión a la fe cristiana, emprender la nueva evangelización que haga posible que esos hermanos puedan encarnar la obra de Dios Amor que sean llamados a encarnar para hacer visible como Él es Jesús Caridad aue sigue vivo y encarnado, caminando ente su pueblo… Si observan a los primeros cristianos, al vivir la caridad ellos no practicaban colonización cultural alguna: ayudaban a todas las viudas y huérfanos, fueran o no cristianos.

Todo afán entre católicos de evangelizar via colonización, con la misma actitud con la que se emprendieron las Cruzadas, debe desistir: somos amados, somos hermanos, somos llamados a aprender a progresar juntos, tomados de la mano… no somos llamados a matarnos mano a mano, o disparo a disparo, o palo a palo. Todo fratricidio comertido en nombre de Dios es una herejía de la caridad, una blasfemia contra el Espíritu y un sacrilegio a Su Eucaristía viva que nos llama a encarnar Su comunión viva allí donde estemo, actuando sacramentalmente en todo momento, actuando en todo momento de tal forma que hagamos posible una sociedad donde todos puedan crecer en comunión, donde todos puedan crecer como hermanos. Cuando se evangeliza conforme a la fe cristiana vivida eucarísticamenfe —fe que encarna Su comunión viva, Su sí dar…—, siempre habrá también una nueva fraternización. El sagrado deber fraterno de todo ciudadano, el hacer posible una sociedad en la que todos puedan crecer como hermanos y hermanas iguales, también es sagrado deber sacramental: hacer posible que todos puedan convertirse en el sacramento vivo del Amor de Dios que somos llamados a ser, irradiando más y más nueva vida al encarnar Su Eucaristía de tal forma que todos puedan crecer en más y más comunión, como los hermanos y hermanas que todos —no solamente los cristianos— somos llamados a ser, encarnando así como nos corresponde no solamente la Palabra que Él nos llama a cumplir, sino también Su memoria sacramental, la memoria que nos llama a hacer vida plasmando más y más livefull society al encarnar más y más Su mandatum novum: “un mandamiento nuevo les doy, que se amen unos a otros como Yo les amo”. Se nos ha de conocer como cristianos por como amamos de tal forma que todos puedan crecer juntos en comunión, que todos puedan crecer como hermanos amados. No somos llamados a ser conocidos como cristianos por como colonizamos, ni por como practicamos el proselitismo, sea le proselitismo que sea… ni mucho menos por como matamos o esclavizamos “en Su nombre”. 

Por supuesto, no hay mejor lugar que Él pudiera elegir para enseñar esta lección a Su Iglesia acerca de como vivir el mandamiento nuevo con más fidelidad a la enseñanza del Maestro… que en el Nuevo Mundo. En las circunstancias de comienzos de la colonización de América colonización y evangelización estaban unidos… así que le corresponde a Él mismo “enmendar a sus huestes” y proponer a América el sueño americano, el proyecto de nueva fraternización americana, que debio haberse comenzado a emprender desde un principio: una Alianza Americana que uniera fraternalmente a todos los pueblos americanos, siendo ayudados a aprender a gobernarse ellos mismos de acuerdo a su propio orden social, según su propia cultura, en lugar de estar sujetos a la colonización de monarquías europeas que nunca pisaron el Nuevo Mundo y que en lugar de explotar los recursos y a las gentes del Nuevo Mundo —a quienes nunca se reconoció como ciudadanos iguales respecto a los ciudadanos del Viejo Mundo— sencillamente debieron facilitar que en el Nuevo Mundo hubiera una nueva fraternización que hiciera posible que tras la fraternización entre las culturas del Viejo Mundo y del Nuevo Mundo, de lo mejor de todas las culturas resplandeciera una nueva fraternidad civil, un nuevo “We the People”, un nuevo “Nosotros, la Gente…” constituído como nuevo pueblo, como pueblo-familia del nuevo albor.

Jesús Caridas sonríe con ternura entrañable en estos momentos, junto a la Sagrada Familia del Nuevo Albor, colmando cada palpitar de Su candor entrañablísimo:

“¿Quieren, por favor, desistir de colonizarse unos a otros y aprender a caminar como hermanos, creciendo juntos en comunión… tal cual Yo les he enseñado y tal cual debieron haberlo practicado al momento de emprender la nueva evangelización de América? ¿Podemos elegir aprender a emprender esta nueva evangelización continental como debió haberse emprendido desde un principio: como nueva fraternización, consumando Mi mandatum novum como una Alianza Americana que haga posible un orden social ordenado a vivir la caridad haciendo posible que todos crezcan como los hermanos y hermanas que son llamados a ser, cada cual recibiendo lo que le corresponda recibir para crecer, resplandecer y florecer conforme a la dignidad dada por Dios Amor a absolutamente todo ser humano? Los hermanos indígenas debieron haber recibido la instrucción y los recursos para progresar de la misma forma que lo hacían en el Viejo Mundo, pero conforme a su propia realidad cultural… en lugar de haber sido esclavizados y aniquilados como lo fueron… e incluso tras la evidencia del horror de semejante genocidio cultural… insisten en la colonización como “opción social viable”, tal cual está sucediendo en la última de las colonias Americanas, Mi tierra del nuevo albor Puerto Rico… ¿Necesitan, Pueblo Americano, una mejor lección del horror al que lleva el coloniaje… que lo que está sucediendo en Puerto Rico en estos momentos, como si no hubieran sido suficientes las lecciones históricas del horror del genocidio indígena… y del abortive genocide de los millones de niños no-nacidos esclavizados socialmente de tal forma que se negó sistemáticamente su dignidad y toda posibilidad de ser siquiera ser considerados seres humanos con igualdad de derechos, con una llamada a ser permitidos a existir como hermanos adoptados en casos en los que tratara de un embarazo no deseado? ¿Hacen falta más ejemplos en la historia de América para entender que el colonialismo —todo tipo de colonialismo, incluyendo el colonialismo ideológico— tiene que acabar… y de la misma forma que el colonialismo se emprendió en América en nombre de Dios… es Dios Amor mismo quien ahora pone fin a ese colonialismo que se emprendió en Su nombre, proponiendo a América un nueva forma de soñar juntos como “We the People”, una nueva forma de caminar juntos como hermanos, una Alianza Americana que haga posible dejar la era de la colonización atrás y emprender juntos la nueva fraternización que debió haber sucedido desde un principio?”

Este nuevo albor que está irradiando Jesús Caridad es para todos, no solo para cristianos: esta llamada a aprender a caminar juntos como hermanos, haciendo de la nueva fraternización nuestra constitución continental, encarnando Su “Declaración de Amor” a toda la humanidad de tal forma que todos en el continente Americano puedan crecer como el dreamful family que somos llamados a ser, como el fraternal family que somos llamados a ser, como el “We, the brothers and sisters…” es para todos. 

No es posible negar o borrar de nuestra memoria histórica como continente Americano todos los horrores que ha supuesto la coloniaje en todos nuestros pueblos… pero si es posible transformar el legado de quienes nos precedieron y que hoy resplandecen como estrellas del Cielo, viviendo hoy en nosotros e irradiando su luz en nosotros en la medida en que honramos la sangre que corre en nuestras venas, sangre que esos ancenstros nos legaron… haciendo posible la fraternización de culturas que debió haber sucedido desde un principio, resplandeciendo juntos como la Alianza Americana que siempre hemos sido llamados a ser, la Alianza de hermanos y hermanas americanas que siempre hemos sido llamados a ser, en lugar de insistir en colonizarnos los unos a los otros… porque eso fue lo que nos enseñaron desde el fin de la Edad Media hasta hoy. 

Hermanos y hermanas de toda América: nos corresponde, como pueblo-familia del nuevo albor, aprender de Él a crecer mejor, desistiendo de todo tipo de coloniaje y haciendo vida un auténtico sueño que sea nuestro sueño Americano, un sueño compartido por todos los americanos: una Alianza Americana que haga posible el crecimiento en comunión de todos los pueblos a lo largo de toda América, haciendo posible sociedades donde todos puedan crecer como la mejor persona que puedan ser, como los hermanos y hermanas que somos llamados a ser, como los ciudadanos iguales que somos llamados a ser afirmando como constitución continental nuestra propia identidad cultural fraternizante: “Nosotros, los hermanos y hermanas del Continente Americano…” “We, the brothers and sisters of America…” [Pueden añadir aquí esto mismo dicho en lengua francesa, portuguesa y en diversas lenguas indígenas, como el guaraní, habladas a lo largo del Nuevo Mundo… no tengo acceso a internet para hacer esa traducción yo misma en el Google translator]. Todos, absolutamente todos, somos llamados a emprender esta nueva fraternización. Este es nuestro sueño Americano, que cada cual ha de realizar conforme a su vocación específica a servir al bien común de su sociedad y su nación conforme a su quehacer profesional y sus deberes cívicos correspondientes como ciudadano igual del Continente Americano, todos juntos tomados de la mano alrededor de esta llamarada de nueva fraternización, celebrando cada fraternal sparkle que irradiamos al actuar de tal forma que allí donde estemos vivamos la caridad como orden social, haciendo posible que todos puedan resplandecer como los hermanos y hermanas que somos llamados a ser. 

Esta alborada de nueva fraternidad es nuestro sueño Americano. De la misma forma que Martin Luther King Jr dijo en su momento: “I have a dream…” que puso fin al aborto social de hermanos negros que suponía la segregación racial y la esclavitud en Estados Unidos…. Ahora, a lo largo de todo el continente Americano, afirmamos: We have a Dream: an America where everyone can grow, glow and bloom as the brothers and sisters we are called to be, leaving behind the era of colonization to embrace together a new fraternization era that makes possible an American Alliance that affirms constitutionally our cultural identity and civil identity as equal brothers and sisters of the same American People, of the same American Family.

Whoever shares this dream, please start a new fraternizing fire wherever you are, even if it is only with a growthfull flame, glowfull flame or lovefull flame oil lamp… and reunite together as brothers and sisters around that fire, as our American ancesters did, sharing together as family stories of how you are transforming everything into radiation of new life that shines in more and more communion along all the American continent. 

We, the living America, have a dream: to grow, glow and bloom as the brothers and sisters we are called to be, as the fraternal family we are called to be, radiating together more and more new life that grows in more and more communion, new life that is for absolutely everyone, walking together in the true freedom: the freedom of Love, embracing togerher a continental constituon of Living Charity, a Continental constitution of Love that makes us glow as living beacon of new life for everyone…

So help me God… So help us Jesus Charity… So help us our Mother of New Albor… So help us the New Albor Holy Family… So help us God Love-with-us…

[Jesús Caridad me pidió que trabajara en un speech como el de ”I Have a Dream” de Martin Kuther King, pero ahora es un ”We Have a Dream”. Este dream, como pueden notar, no es el fin de la colonización solo en Puerto Rico, sino en toda América: una América en la que todos podamos caminar como hermanos y hermanas iguales… Aún tengo que trabajar en este speech y no tengo forma de hacer un video en estos momentos…

We will see how we do it…

Sigamos eligiendo irradiar más y más luz…

Jesús Caridad, te adoramos con todo el crecimiento…

Let’s keep growing in more and more communion!]

Lovefull Fest (Be Proud of How We Love Best) 

¡Feliz noche en el Amor de Dios, hermanos! Aquí comparto el sueño contemplativo que dio a contemplar Jesús Caridad anoche: un Lovefull fest, un fin de semana de adoración, un adoration and family fest, hecho el el fin de semana de Pentecostés, donde hermanos de todas las denominaciones cristianas se reunan para adorar juntos a la Eucaristía como familia cristiana, haciendo más y más vida Su growthfull unity, Su lovefull unity, Su growthfull Love, celebrando juntos el día de nacimiento de la Iglesia.

El Lovefull fest no ha de ser tan complejo como el Growthfull Fest: ha de ser un gran espacio abierto con una tarima central donde esté la Sagrada Eucaristía expuesta (todas las denominaciones cristianas tienen en común el sacramento de la Eucaristía) y cada denominación cristiana tenga su tiempo de adoración en la tarima, adorando todos juntos a Jesús Sacramentado desde el LightGrowth Campus, resplandeciendo juntos en la comunión más y más plena posible. Puede haber adoration preacher en tarima, predicando mientras adoran respecto a lo que nos une como hermanos: Su Comunión encarnada, Su Eucaristía viva, Su fraternidad sacramental encarnada en la medida en que resplandecemos como la Iglesia viva que somos llamados a ser, la Iglesia familia que somos llamados a ser, el Lovefull Church we are called to be. El día de Pentecostés puede haber una misa fraterna (ya he hablado de esto antes: una misa en la que puedan integrarse fraternalmente ministros de otras denominaciones y se entrege un cirio fraterno a los hermanos de otras denominaciones con los que no podemos comulgar aún en unidad sacramental) y también se puedec crear la estructura de un culto ecuménico en el participen todas las denominaciones. Se puede revisar y hacer también, juntos, el triduo Fiat Grow al Espíritu Santo que compartí antes, si el resto de las denominaciones así lo aceptan.

Este Lovefull Fest ha de funcionar como una GRAN reunión de familia. Su costo ha de ser el mínimo posible: lo ideal es que sean los coordinadores de las respectivas denominaciones cristianas participantes las que se distribuyan todos los gastos de la actividad, pues hemos de dar gratis lo que gratis hemos recibido. Además del LightGrow Campus, si es necesario que haya una zona de acampar para las familias que quieran estar el campus los tres días del festival, puede haber un Gracefull Park donde las familias que quieran hacerlo puedan acampar, siguiendo las normas establecidas para la seguridad de todos. Jesús Caridad fue fraternalmente enfático en que no puden aceptarse en este festival a sectas cristianas: hay que ayudarles a corregir el rumbo, si desean la ayuda fraterna para ello.

Hay una sola cosa que cada familia ha de asumir el costo: una lámpara de aceite, que idealmente ha de ser usado con aceite de girasol infused with parcha oil, como signo de un Lovefull Flame que arde en crecimiento en más y más comunión, en crecimiento más y más pleno… El mismo Evangelio nos dice que hemos de ser como vírgenes prudentes que compran su aceite y mantienen la lámpara encendida. Se ha de vender una lámpara encendida y se hará una Lovefull Vigil en la noche de Pentecostés, con danza litúrgica y praise dance de todas las denominaciones presentes, todos con las lámparas encendidas en el Lightgrow Campus (de ser posible, ha se der una vigilia que sea picnic style, donde las familias puedan sentarse en la grama, si hay espacio suficiente para ello. Sino, hay que alquilar sillas para la seguridad de todos). Si hace falta solicitar cualquier otro donativo para subvencionar la actividad, sencillamente se ha de pedir un donativo de…. ejemplo, 30 dólares por familia, y en ese donativo se incluye el costo de la lámpara y el aceite que se dé a la familia (la lámpara puede conseguirse a 7, el aceite a 10: el costo sería 17 dólares por la lámpara y el aceite, el resto se usa para pagar gastos de la actividad, pidiendo siempre el donativo por familia, jamás vendiendo tickets por persona, y siempre pidiendo lo mínimo posible).

Han de hacerse actividades familiares, especialmente para los niños, a lo largo de weekend, emulando al Growthfull Fest y contando con un Park para volar chiringas y juegos familiares, al estilo de un Joyfull Carnival Zone.

Otra actividad esencial será el compartir un New Fraternity Family Picnic todos juntos el día de Pentecostés. Ha de ser una comida sencilla y familiar que compartan todos como hermanos. No se ha de solicitar pago alguno por esa comida en la actividad. Como ya dije, se ha de intentar que las respectivas autoridades de todas las denominaciones participantes, incluyendo la Católica, solventen juntos los gastos de la actividad… pero de necesitarse pedir un donativo para comida, se pedirá con el donativo necesario para comprar la lámpara de la vigilia, y siempre pidiendo lo menos posible. En la Iglesia Católica puede hacerse una colecta especial dominical general, a nivel de arquidiócesis, para donar cuanto se recaude para esa actividad fraterna. Sería un Lovefull especial collect, de un solo domingo.

Cada Lovefull Fest tendrá como tema un versículo bíblico acordado en oración fraterna por todos los obispos cabezas de las denominaciones que participen. Esto incluso puede escogerse en Roma, si todos los cabezas de las distints denominaciones participantes se reunen junto al Papa para rezarlo juntos. De hecho, el Lovefull Fest puede hacerse, de la misma forma que se hace el Growthfull Fest, a nivel mundial, en la Plaza de San Pedro… pero también puede hacerse de forma local, como por ejemplo lo sería a nivel de todo Puerto Rico (a nivel estatal, en este caso). El festival será llevado adelante por voluntarios de diversas denominaciones a los que se les llamará ”lovers”.

Para el Lovefull Vigil se pueden usar Lovefull Flames que sean growthfull jars (mason jars) que funcionen como oil lamps. Estos flames deben ser usados con todas las precauciones para evitar accidentes… o que alguien provoque maliciosamente un incendio durante la vigilia (los hermanos hackers acaban de meter un error ortográfico en la palabra “evitar”, seguramente ya está  planificando provocar un incendio con un Lovefull Flame…). Sería perfecto si el aceite de estos mason jars fuera de color flaming Holy Spirit y el glass patters fuera de estrellas transparentes (transparentando con toda la humildad posible el haz encendido de Su lovefull communion, toda la luz del flaming Holy Spirit que arde derramado en nuestros corazones). Pueden ver un ejemplo de este tipo de mason jars en las siguiente imagen, tomada de Amazon:

La fiesta de Pentecostés es una gran ocasión para celebrar el resplandecer juntos como hermanos, creciendo junto en más y más comunión, creciendo juntos más y más plenamente, resplandeciendo juntos en comunión más y más plena, como los hermanos que somos llamados a ser, siendo growthfull beacons and growthfull oil lamps que somos llamados a ser… resplandeciendo juntos como lámparas vivas que irradian más y más nueva vida que resplandece en comunión, de tal forma que no hacen falta ni sol ni luna porque nosotros somos, como growthfull city, como growthfull nation, como growthfull humanity and Church… la lámpara encendida, toda la ciudad, todo Puerto Rico, resplandeciendo como lámpara encendida que irradia más y más nueva vida que resplandece en comunión al irradiar más y más la luz de este Sunrise Star que hace nuevas todas las cosas, todos los corazones y toda la historia… al dejarnos convertir juntos en el ícono vivo del Amor de Dios que somos llamados a ser, haciendo más y más vida nuestro bautismo, profesanod nuestta fe con caridad viva, con una vida que plasma toda la formación personal a imagen y semejanza de Su comunión, de Su Eucaristía viva, adorándole juntos con todo el crecimiento…

May the flaming Holy Spirit help us to grow in more and more lovefull unity, always choosing to be the light that we are in His growthfull, glowfull and lovefull vision… always choosing to become the growthfull stars of Heaven we are called to be, the best person we can be, th saints we are called to be, creating more and mor home, Church and Humanity that glows in more and more lovefull communion…

Jesus Charity, we adore you with our whole growth!

Let’s keep glowing more and more growthfully, let’s keep growing more and more lovefully! 🙂