Be A Light (A Growth Story)

This growth story is dedicated for all the children, especially to the children of United States and Puerto Rico… all called to be a light that no one else can radiate for everyone of you. Jesus Charity loves you to Heaven and beyond and He wants you, children of the world, to know that a as a living growth story that makes possible that everyone of you can grow in a society of light, as the brothers and sisters we are all called to be, as the family of light we are called to belong, choosing together to be the light we are all called to be, everyday and forever, as the stars of Heaven He teaches us to be, growing together in His Love.

Once upon a heart in the middle of darkness. Love looked at the heart and said: “Let there be light!”… and the heart began to beat, to shine as a tiny light.

Love smiled to the the heart, and the heart smiled back at Love. –You know, heart, you are called to be a star, a very bright light that shines very high, up in the sky, where everyone can see your light.

The heart smiled widely: Really? I would love to become a very bright and beautiful light for you and for everyone else… but how how can I become a big star and shine brightly up above? I am so little right now, and I don’t know how to become a star and shine so up and up!

–You need to keep growing more and more, learning how to become the star you are called to be, little ❤️! You will become bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter, going up an up, radiating more and more light until becoming a great light, the ⭐️ of Heaven you are called to be.

But how I can keep growing that way? How I can learn to be a star of Heaven?

–You need to keep growing in more and more communion, going up and up as you choose everyday to be the light you are called to be so everyone can learn how to become a ⭐️ too when they see your light… and you choose to be a light when you choose to be best everyday, little ❤️!

To become a ⭐️ of heaven you need to ask everyday: how I choose to be today the light I’m called to be, so everyone can grow as the ⭐️ we’re all called to be? How do I choose to be best today, becoming together the best person we can be, the people of light we’re called to be?

So, the little heart began to ask: how to I choose to be a light today? I choose to be a light when I… (Esto es la parte del growth story que ya ha ido dibujando los estudiantes: I choose to be a light when I…)

Cada vez que hay un dibujo de los estudiantes, cada vez que hay un “I choose to be a light when I…” hay que a~adir…) And the little heart shined a little bit brighter and a little bit higher… (Esto se a~ade cuantas veces sea necesario, no hay limites…)

(Cuando ya no haya absolutamente ningun otro dibujo que a~adir, entonces se concluye el growth story…)

So, everyday the little ❤️ shined more and more brightly, and more and more higher… until the time was right and the little ❤️ reached heaven: everyone could see the little ❤️, now a very big ❤️, shinning as a very bright light by being better and better, until becoming best…

and so the little ❤️ became a ⭐️ of heaven, becoming an incredible, shinny, unique light that no one else could be…

The little ❤️ was SO HAPPY of becoming the beautiful, shiny star in Heaven everyone is called to be, shinning together with Love, growing together in more and more communion!

And then Love smiled: Here you are, how big you are now, little heart! See, you are a star of Heaven! Be joyful, big heart, always choose to be a light!

(The End) 🙂

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