Learning Principles


This is me, sitting in my desk in the English classroom. When this photo was taken, I was pondering about the school’s learning principles. The school principal explained us five principles of the school’s learning community:

Aperture to diversity: there are students of diverse talents and there are exceptional students with diverse capacities. We as student teachers must embrace them all.

Aperture to participation: is everyone’s responsibility to participate in the school’s activities.

Aperture to learning from mistakes: for learning to read and to write students must commit many mistakes. In order to learn we must embrace mistakes all times.

Aperture to resolving conflicts positively: there are problems in all schools, but we must teach how to resolve conflicts positively and peacefully.

Aperture to reflection: reflection is important because we must teach to reflect constantly how to do things better.

I have another “learning principle” of my own:

Aperture to personal growth: in everything I do I must be open to my student’s personal growth. I must be focused on helping them to grow as persons the best way they can. This includes promoting the best academic achievement but also promoting school values as honesty, justice, democracy and peace.

Besides pondering these principles, today I helped fourth grade students making Power Point presentations about the Universe.

Let’s keep growing!

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